Sunday, May 01, 2005

Derek Prince Tapes

After much searching I have found the transcripts to the 3 tape series by Derek Prince from 1996. Prince had a profound impact on me as a young Christian; his "Foundation Series" was studied in our home group. Odd that 23 years later his teaching on the laying on of hands would be used in refuting the Latter Rain theologies of that same body.

Prince, although no longer with us, has much to say about the current condition of the church.

"But with regard to any kind of manifestation, there are two questions that I always want to ask. Number one: Is it a manifestation of the Holy Spirit of God? Or is it a manifestation from some other source? And number two (and this is related to it): Is the manifestation in question in harmony with Scripture?"

Protection From Deception
Navigating Through The Minefield Of Signs And Wonders

by Derek Prince

Based on a series of talks given by Derek Prince to
his coworkers in Derek Prince Ministries in March 1996

Click on Chapter Links to view

Chapter 1: Let Us Honor God's Holy Spirit
Signs and Wonders Do Not Determine Truth
Mixture Produces Confusion and Division
The Identity of the Holy Spirit

Chapter 2: Earthly, Soulish, Demonic
Understanding the Human Personality
From Rebellion to Salvation
Discerning Between Soul and Spirit
From Earthly to Soulish to Demonic
Is There a Way to Protect Ourselves?
Five Movements that Went Astray

Chapter 3: Four Safeguards
No. 1: Humble Ourselves
No. 2: Receive the Love of the Truth
No. 3: Cultivate the Fear of the Lord
No. 4: Make and Keep the Cross Central

I cannot stress how important this series is. Read it and be blessed.

Streaming audio is available Here.

Originally posted May 1, 2005
Links updated July 18, 2010

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  1. Interestingly enough, Derek Prince was thoroughly blessed by what the Lord did in the Brownsville Revival. On his visit there, both he and his wife proclaimed that there seemed to be more of an "open heaven" in their devotional times, and they were encouraged by what they saw.


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