Thursday, March 06, 2008

Great Transfer of Wealth

I've written before about this (see my post on The Joseph Company) but the topic recently came up over on the Grey Coats Blog.

The prosperity gospel of today is not the prosperity gospel of the previous generation: Copeland and Price. Or as they say: "its not your father's prosperity gospel."

It has been brought up a mystical notch or two, but it is still based on the lust of money and a good bit of power lust (dominion).

Here’s a few quotes:

“People who are now making money will go to new levels, through the power of God, that they have not even imagined!”

-C. Peter Wagner

“The Treasure Bringers are those with an anointing from God to facilitate this massive wealth-transfer.” “They are spiritual ‘Robin Hoods.’ Their greatest joy is plundering the wealth of the world for their Lord.”

-Robert Fraser

“This plan must surely stir every member of the body of Christ to step out and play their part in this plan and plunder the ungodly of their wealth and pass it on to the extension of the Kingdom.”

-dci global movement training material

The “providers” are there. There are two ways that the providers will be used to supply the money that God is releasing. Some of them, whether believers or unbelievers, already have the money in huge quantities. This will be delivered by what could be called “supernatural transference.”

I believe that the “distributors” are in place, but they have not yet been recognized as such because they will only go into action once the funds are available. Undoubtedly, many apostles who are members of the International Coalition of Apostles will be among them.

-C. Peter Wagner

There will be a great transfer of wealth in the End-Times as God shakes the nations.

-Mike Bickle

I caught the revelation that I cannot be poor in 1981, but that was not equal to automatic prosperity.

-David Oyedepo (Dominion Publishing House, 2005)

Baal-hamon, one of Baal’s names, means “the lord of wealth or abundance.” Chuck Pierce believes, and I agree, that this is the principality warring against the great transfer of wealth to the church. You must war against this spirit to see your inheritance released.

-Dutch Sheets

The wealth transfer will be part of the prelude to the clash of all ages — which is about the restoration of God’s redemptive dominion and order. It’s a struggle over the prevailing worldview. It’s a power shift. It is why this move of God within the seats of power in business and government is so significant.

-Morris Ruddick

I’m talkin’ about your money you know one of the greatest things that is going to happen in the year 2,000 were about to see the church rise up with a revelation that only this generation has ever been given of Gods word concerning high finances in the kingdom of God and we are just about to see the greatest transfer of wealth out of the hand of the wicked into the hand of the just.

- Rod Parsely

You know, I can't make stuff like this up! I've expanded my reference section to now include more links to the GTOW. Or for fun, just Google Great Transfer of Wealth sometime.

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Seriously, I can't make this stuff up!

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