Friday, May 30, 2008

Changing the Expression of Christianity

The Lord simply said, ‘I will change the understanding and expression of Christianity in the earth in one generation.’
-Mike Bickle

Who would have thought he meant this?


As bad as the video is, even the audio on this video is very disturbing. DO NOT play this with children in the room.

One blogger, speaking of Lakeland, suggests that “Somewhere along the way, we’ve forgotten about the playfulness of God during times of revival.”

My conclusion can only be that a god of playfulness, or a lord who would change the expression of Christianity in this manner is not the Lord God Almighty of the bible.

Although this nonsense is not confined to Lakeland, it has been brought into the forefront by Lakeland. If you can stomach it, lets look at a clip of self proclaimed "New Mystic" John Crowder part of another stream of this polluted river.

Did I tell you that Crowder's book is a best seller at the IHOP bookstore in Kansas City?

Todd Bentley, at Lakeland, says "We're drinking the glory of God." His associates responds "We're going to laugh the Hell out of people."

Anyone who steps into it, get's it.
-Todd Bentley

May God have mercy on their souls. Come soon, Lord Jesus.


  1. Bill,

    That is very strange stuff thanks for posting all of this. Your blog is a great resource.


  2. John Crowder.

    "Tokin' the Ghost/Jehovah-juana."

    "Friar Tuck Bartender Angels -- YOING! YOING! YOING!"

    Cover Boy for Crazy Preachers Magazine.

    First time I saw a video of his (over at Onward/Forward/Toward), here was my reaction:

    1) Dude is High...

    2) Dude's not high, HE'S CRAZY!

    I turned off the video when he got to "all the little Friar Tuck Bartender Angels" and one too many "YoingYoingYoing!s.

    Like to see him up onstage with Tatted Todd; side-by-side, we could see just who is crazier.


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