Saturday, May 31, 2008

He's a Mythomaniac, maniac on the floor...

The Let Us Reason apologetics website has done a very nice job comparing three different versions of Todd Bentley’s Angelic Pillar of Fire story, and has found some rather interesting discrepancies in the three stories. Regardless of how you mught feel about this resource, in this case they simply have provided transcripts of the three accounts. The obvious conclusion is that Todd Bentley just makes it up as he goes.

Some have problems believing his fantastic stories - perhaps because of theological reasons - but I think more important is the question: Is he just telling tall tales to gain attention and validation?

Look again at the three different versions of the same story. This is not the parallel gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. This is the account as told by one man. That report is here: link

So I took it upon myself to review another Todd Bentley angel story.

In his 2003 teaching on angelic visitations, he states:

I first saw the angel called Healing Revival on December 5 of 2000 in Grant’s Pass. The angel came to me again in Albany the next February. He stood in the church service with his body going through the ceiling of the church. Then the Lord told me the angel’s name and that he was the same angel I saw in Grant’s Pass earlier. God also revealed to me that this angel was involved in the ministry of John Lake, William Branham, and John Knox in Scotland. This angel, the Lord said, is from the North West Healing Revival and is manifesting again as a sign that God is restoring the Voice of Healing revival and opening up the ancient wells.

However, in the circa 2004 video from TACF, he states that during the February 2001 Albany visitation, God told him that the angel he had seen in 1998 was the same as the angel “healing revival” that he had seen in Grants Pass- Dec 5,2000. timestamp starting at 4:39

So in the 2004 version he tells us he first saw this angel in 1998 (having been made aware that it was the same angel in 2001- God told him) yet in the 2003 version he tells us that he first saw this angel in 2000.

I have long maintained that he has been telling these angel stories so that he can claim that he has Branham’s and Lake’s personal angel- validating his own ministry.

As wacky as his "angelology" seems to be, I guess it no longer is important- if these tales are total fabrications.

Quoting a friend:

“Oh my, if he can’t even tell the details or major facts of such an important (to him) spiritual experience the same way, who in the world would trust him to tell the truth on anything?


  1. This guy is as bad as the Mormon founder Joseph Smith at changing his story to fit his own agenda.

  2. Bill,

    Excellent article! I think it is the complete lack of addressing doctrinal accountability that has amazed me in the silence of many pulpits and other valid religious venues - at least until this thing got so big that like the elephant in the living room it couldn't be ignored.

    I do believe the folks that are bringing out the kundalini and other occult connections have a valid point though.

    I think the real question that bothers me most is "Why is it necessary to use any method that is similar to any questionable practice, occult or secular, if indeed the power of the Holy Spirit is present and it is a real move of God?"

  3. In other words, he's doing it all improv.

    Seeking Disciple: Check out "The Mormon Episode" of South Park sometime. They skewer Joseph Smith in it like you wouldn't believe. Including the "changing the story" when tested.

  4. Post Lakeland - UPDATE

    Robert Ricciardelli

    "When we questioned staff members, and former staff members about Todd, many used the same words to describe him, Pathological Liar”.

  5. POST LAKELAND - Update

    "Todd Bentley now carries the label of a liar and a deceiver."

    C. Peter Wagner 8-25-3008

  6. Melanie Stephan11/2/08, 10:55 AM

    In the Spring of 2006, God sent a message. It is about the meaning of First is Last and Last is First. The message is this:
    In the morning I go to Heaven. In the afternoon I live my life. In the evening I die, death.
    What does this mean? It means that Birth is Last and Birth is First. God also gives an example so that you can understand this better. Example: Mike Douglas died on his birthday, August 11. (Note that Mike Douglas and Michael Douglas are two different people.)

  7. Not only can't he keep this particular story straight, he can't remember the name of the angel that "launched his ministry." Was it "Winds of Change" or "Healing Revival?"




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