Friday, May 16, 2008

The Return of Paul Cain

Back in 2004, I wrote an article on Paul Cain entitled Reflections on Paul Cain. A few things have transpired since and an update is in order.

After Cain was publicly rebuked by Joyner, Green and Bickle he confessed to his sins, a confession that was quickly removed from his website. Later, he chose to reject accountability to Joyner, Green and Bickle, and looked elsewhere for his "restoration."

In 2007 Paul Cain declared that he had been "restored" to ministry and as expected has been doing some conferences in 2008.

Paul Cain was invited to and spoke at Todd Bentley's "Florida Outpouring" on May 4, 2008. At that meeting Cain declared that this move of God would be the spirit of Elijah and usher in the endtime and the coming of Jesus. He also said that he had seen “the new breed” here tonight. "New Breed" is a Latter Rain / MSoG catch-phrase.

According to Charisma Magazine, "The prominent 78-year-old prophetic minister told a crowd at a revival meeting in Lakeland that “allegations” and rumors circulating about him were not true. The comments made many wonder whether, in alluding to his past, Cain was withdrawing his confession from three years ago, when he publicly acknowledged his failings involving alcoholism and homosexuality."

As reported by one observer, Paul Cain seemed confused many times during the meeting. He even forgot Todd’s last name a couple of times. His word to the intern about “having the romance of a lifetime” seemed out of place and strange.

As Cain was starting to prophecy to this intern, he made a rather odd statement. Odd, in that he had previously confessed to a homosexual encounter.
Now something sweet for all of you that are, uh, You know I've been a celibate all my life, and I wanted , I wanted to get married...

Here's how Charisma Magazine publisher Steve Strang saw it:

Also, at one of the meetings recently Paul Cain was given a place on the platform. Unfortunately Paul Cain has disqualified himself from ministry due to various sins in his life he has confessed to including drunkenness and homosexuality. Other ministers have worked to restore him, but we are told that the restoration process has not continued. Nevertheless, Paul publicly said in Lakeland that there were "false rumors" about him and that he had lived a "chaste life." Both are not true.

Strang Got it mostly right. Cain said "celibate" not chaste. Let's go to the tape:

Rick Joyner put his spin on it as well:

As it has been reported that Todd would not let Paul come back on the platform after he asserted that he had lived a celibate life is a credit to the integrity that Todd is trying to maintain in his ministry. If Paul had even just said that he had made serious mistakes in his life and owned them just a little, it would have given me hope, but it seemed quite clear to me that not much has changed with Paul, and in fact, they are getting worse. Even so, I am resolved to not give up on Paul for as long as he is with us. I long for the day, as I know Jack and Mike do also, when we can assert that Paul is free of the serious strongholds in his life and should be restored to ministry.

Presently, my concern for him grew considerably after his night in Lakeland.

Joyner also got it almost right. Cain was ON the platform when he gave his goofy "prophecy." So it is not true that "Todd would not let Paul come back on the platform after he asserted that he had lived a celibate life." In fact after the intern prophecy segment, Cain stayed ON the platform an additional 7-1/2 minutes. Bentley had Cain give him an "impartation" after Cain lied (wowsers!), and then allowed Cain to continue to minister, as Cain spoke a word of knowledge concerning the healing of 300 heart conditions.

The whole episode was very sad. One can only hope Paul Cain will now retire from all active ministry.


  1. I think it's incredibly important to recognize that the church feels that drinking in excess is a sin - i.e., when it's a choice - but why in the world have we stigmatized alcoholism? Even when we hear "testimonies," we don't stigmatize recovering heroin addicts for having shot up each time. Alcohol, for those with genetic predisposition, is beyond mere choice (the reason they often require rehabilitation to get clean). I've seen Paul Cain shamed on Christian sites (including the one purporting to have attempted to help him) and outed as an "alcoholic." Is this really the way we think Christ would have approached someone with a compulsion to drink beyond their control? Does anyone really benefit from this humiliation and judgment? Do we really want to let the world know that we judge alcoholics?

    The same could be said of homosexuality, but I doubt many in the church are ready to re-think that one (despite the fact a human and flawed Paul, as well as archaic -- and in Jesus' eyes, sometimes overturned -- OT scripture condemned homosexuality; not the red letter). But, really, has it come to this? Making alcoholics feel they willfully sinned by being hopelessly addicted to a substance most of us can choose against after trying? And seeing it as a form of righteousness to bring shame and publicity to someone's personal struggle with alcoholism? In this case, "the world" is wiser, kinder and more grace-filled (with the anonymity of AA, and the ethical confidentiality of rehab centers) than the Christian community.

  2. I would disagree with your comments about a "flawed Paul" and the overturning of the law if your intent is to redefine Holiness.

    However, that is not the topic at hand, the topic is should Paul Cain continue to minister when he maintains that he has been "celebite" his entire life. However, old age and health is pretty much taking care of this.

  3. I bind the kundalini demon to all who carry it in any way shape or form until the judgment seat of GOD in JESUS name I pray amen amen amen.

  4. Rpmak - you are a bit religiously stupid there!

  5. What's a kundaini demon? Oh well. Never mind. I think we all have to be careful of lying signs and wonders. Scripture advises again and again not to be deceived in the last days. Telling someone he is going to have a happy marriage is not a done deal. A lot depends on our continued relationship with God.


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