Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Cain Sightings

I'm tired of writing about Paul Cain. But because people like Mike Bickle and Bob Jones have extolled his prophetic accuracy, and because he keeps showing up, I suppose I will keep writing.

Cain raised Cain when he recently visited the Todd Bentley meetings in Lakeland. Much conflicting thought has arisen as a result, mainly because the video was removed from the ustream archive. However, like Elvis, it has made an appearance.

The video reveals that ALL SOURCES should be checked. Charisma Magazine, which is generally reliable, published an article by Steven Strang in which he reported that "Paul publicly said in Lakeland that there were 'false rumors' about him and that he had lived a 'chaste life.' As you can see from the video, Cain said he had been celibate all his life. I suppose, in the strictest terms he was celibate, since he had never married, as long as we are willing to discount those pesky homosexual encounters.

Meanwhile, Rick Joyner tells us it has been reported that Todd would not let Paul come back on the platform after he asserted that he had lived a celibate life is a credit to the integrity that Todd is trying to maintain in his ministry. Well, Cain was ON the platform when he spoke about celibacy, and remained on the platform about 10 minutes past that time. After he completed his "prophecy" to the intern, Todd Bentley asked for, and received an "impartation" from Cain. Cain then went on to minister in a word of knowledge. Cain removed himself from the platform when he said "Well I've done my part, I'm getting out of here."

I mention those two items to encourage you to be dubious about sources you may think are reliable.

Both Strang and Joyner commented about a remark about allegations (false rumors?). The remark at timestamp 6:40, suggests that Cain is no longer contrite about his previously admitted struggles with alcohol and homosexuality.

A few other points of interest. Cain, while praying for Jim Goll attributed Goll's wife's sickness to "inappropraite prophecy." Selah.

Cain stated in his MSoG proclaimation that the revival will grow until "Wise men and Crown-Heads of America and other other countries cannot say that this is not of God; they will bow and bend and say that Jesus is Lord." Well, of course, he may have the eschatological timing off on that one a bit, as most believe that happens after the tribulation. And it begs the question as to what a "Crown-Head" of America is.

Did you know that this Todd Bentley revival is a revival of the "nameless and faceless." Cain seems to struggle as he attempts to make the current "revival" fit his prophecy. Cain, a former ministry associate of William Branham, coined the term "New Breed" as a reference to Branham's Manifest Sons of God (MSoG) doctrine. Note the use of "New Breed" by both Cain and Bentley.

Those are just a few things I noticed. I hope this video and my commentary have been helpful to you as you sort things out.

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