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Getting past the "manifestations" - what was said?

Stacey Campbell is best known as the "prophetess" who moves in "Ecstatic Prophecy." In other words, her head spins like the gal in the exorcist. This is nothing new. Many years ago her husband, Wes Campbell, wrote an apologetic for this entitled "Prophet Sharing, 1992, Spiritual and Physical Manifestations." And so, as an aside, this head shaking while "in the anointing," seen at Lakeland (which for Bentley is mild compared to Stacey Campbell), has its roots in the Campbell's Vineyard Church, Vineyard conferences in the late 80's, and then at the Toronto Vineyard (now "TACF").

Much criticism has been tossed at "manifestations" which seem to draw attention to in individual. Why would such things be allowed, yes even promoted?

Quoting Bill Randles in "Weighed and found wanting"

In a tape recorded at the Airport Vineyard, Wes Campbell reminisced about the early times when “the Spirit” first began to manifest through shaking and prophecy in his church. Evidently, those were times when you could get questions you had answered by God through people who were under this anointing.

One of the things that the Lord said to us through prophetic unction when this first happened was “Why does God shake people?”...’Cause we asked Him, there were times when the Lord would move on different ones, and we could literally, in the early days, ask questions, they would prophesy and we would just say, “God why does this happen?” And then the answer would come through prophetic unction, and we would ask this. Why do we do this? And this would come through answer.

I believe in the gift of prophecy, but to inquire of God through a human being in the manner described above, makes that person into a channel, or an oracle. God doesn’t work that way. The anointing of the Spirit doesn’t come on people so that God can answer questions through their voice. Judge the answer, that this “Spirit” gave them.

The second night He said this, He said, “I have come to you Word and I tell you everything for life,” and He says, “And you don’t listen”...Then He said this, “I’ve come through prophetic word and I’ve spoken, and you don’t listen,”...And all of the sudden, He went on David and He says (with emphasis) “And now...I shake you!...And now you will listen!”

Supposedly, God revealed to these people, that since we won’t listen to His written Word, or to the gift of prophecy, He has to physically shake us to get our attention! How did they learn this? Through a prophesied answer to a question, that was asked of God.

-end quote-

Recently the legion of apostles came to Lakeland for a coronation apostolic installation. They invited Stacey Campbell to the stage. When I first saw Stacey Cambell prophesying over Todd Bentley (literally- he was lying on the floor) I was, like most everyone else, distracted by this woman moving her head back and forth so fast that the camera could not catch it (frame rate too slow). And distracted by the serpent-like hissing noise that apparently accompanies this manifestation (draw your own conclusions). Others were distracted by the fact that this "ecstatic prophecy" movement (her description) apparently stops when she needs to read the Bible (that is sort of funny).


Arresting the mind; suspending the senses; entrancing.
In pensive trance, and anguish, and ecstatic fit.

Webster's 1828

The concept being promoted here is that this manifestion comes upon one (not under control of or subection to the prophet) and it somehow validates the word - the "Thus Saith the Lord" - being given. However, I beg you to get past the "manifestations" and hear what is actually being spoken in the name of God. The transcript below starts at 2:44. You may wish to remove children from the room before playing the Video.

The spirit came on me and said "Todd, because you asked (like very few men on the face of the earth ask) to see my Glory, I will begin a revival through you, that will pass beyond gifts, into the very heart that moves God to release gifts to his children.

And Jesus, who (was) filled with compassion, healed the sick. And Jesus, filled with forgiveness, said "he who is without sin cast the first stone." And Jesus, filled with justice and truth, threw over tables and took out whips and cleansed the temple of God.

Todd, I have chosen you because of your background. (1) Because of your background (Crowd cheering). Because of your background. To release my nature when you release my gifts.

To become a living epistle. Like the word that became flesh, and people saw the glory of God.

And I will use you to father (2) a movement that operates in such revival power, but it is coming out of the very nature and heart of God.

And you will teach people how to behold God, till they are transformed, from glory to glory, from compassion to mercy, to lovingkindness, to truth, to justice, to forgiveness, and a whole generation will move in such signs and wonders and power that everyone will give glory to God.

And I feel like (3) , Todd, that when you were twelve years old, and I just graduated from Baptist seminary (Ed.- "listen to me, I've been at this much longer than you") , the Holy Spirit fell on me, and he started to speak to me over and over again, about a generation that would come on the earth (Paul Cain's "New Breed") that would do signs and wonders, that would change society, and society would not change them, and you are a first fruits of that generation, of nation changers, (shouting) THAT WILL RELEASE THE GLORY OF GOD IN ALL ITS FULLNESS. In Jesus name. (Crowd cheering)

(1) Bentley's violent pre-conversion past included a criminal conviction for sexual assault against a 7 year old boy.
(2) This was an Apostolic commissioning, one of the understandings of an Apostle is "one who fathers." Of course, one must also have seen Jesus. Bentley claims this.
(3) Signifies the "Thus saith the Lord" part is over, now its a word of exhortation from Campbell. It quickly shifts back into prophecy from God.

Did you catch what she actually said? What she proclaimed the "spirit" is saying?

Getting past the multitude of MSoG references, she says Todd is like "the word that became flesh." This is no reference to some obscure scripture. No, John 1 is a crucial, basic, and central tenant of Christianity. Campbell, a seminary graduate, was well aware of the implications of the word she spoke. And the legion of apostles smiled as she said it.

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”
John 1:1

“The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the One and Only, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.”
John 1:14

Stating that (The Lord Says) Bentley is “like the Word that became flesh” simply equates (mortal) Bentley with (immortal) God. There is no way around it.

Which brings to mind Philipians 2:6 “(Jesus) who, being in the form of God, did not consider it robbery to be equal with God..”

Why did he not consider it robbery (”an object of rapine” Darby translation) to be equal with God? Because HE WAS GOD. This of course, means it should be considerd “an object of rapine” for any one else to be considered equal with God.

Of this verse Wesley states : “Who being in the essential form - The incommunicable nature. Of God - From eternity, as he was afterward in the form of man; real God, as real man. Counted it no act of robbery - That is the precise meaning of the words, - no invasion of another’s prerogative, but his own strict and unquestionable right. To be equal with God - the word here translated equal, occurs in the adjective form five or six times in the New Testament, Mt 20:12; Lu 6:34; Joh 5:18; Ac 11:17; Re 21:16. In all which places it expresses not a bare resemblance, but a real and proper equality. It here implies both the fulness and the supreme height of the Godhead; to which are opposed, he emptied and he humbled himself.”

Significant to note that Jesus, while being equal to God, something that was “no invasion of another’s perogative”- because HE WAS GOD - emptied Himself and made himself of no reputation.

Compare that with someone who has boasted of being interviewed by CNN and Geraldo (and ABC Nightline, I might add, but he’s not boasting of that) .

Making oneself equal to God is blasphemy. The Jews did not recognize Jesus as God. And so they concluded that he should be stoned to death "for blasphemy; and because You, being a man, make Yourself out to be God." (John 10:33).

In summary, the scriptures tell us that Jesus is the Word, and that the Word became became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory. The scriptures also tell us that anyone (except Jesus - who is God) who considers themselves “Like the Word that became flesh,” that is, equal with God, is in effect invading God’s perogative against his will, i.e. raping God. Well, God did choose him because of his background. Look- I didn't bring this up- God did.

I am saddend by the multitudes of people, Christians, who should know the Word of God, who swallow this stuff hook, line and sinker. I guess there is no need to judge the prophetic word when it is accompanied by ecstatic manifestations (and smiling legions of apostles). Or is there?

None of this is unexpected. On May 28th Bentley overtly proclaimed the Mansifested Sons of God (MSoG) heresy. I'll be writing on that soon, I expect.

The "Strong Delusion" of 2 Thessalonians 2:11 may be making its appearance in these last days. I feat that many have crossed the Hebrews 6:4-6 line. Are we seeing a "falling away" of those who once were "enlightened, and have tasted of the heavenly gift, and were made partakers of the Holy Ghost?"


  1. Nicely pieced together. I'm just angry now.

  2. Oh, yeah. Shaking Stacy.

    I don't see anything Serpentine in her; I just see someone who got completely carried away by the idea that She's This Direct Line to God and is flaking out on a weird tangent. Plus the effect of all that shaking on her brain can't be helping.


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