Thursday, January 01, 2009

Gross Sin and the "anointing"

A while back (August) a friend of mine did a radio show entitled "God's Anointing and Blatant Sin" where he asked the question if you could function in "the anointing" while involved in blatent sin.

This is a video of Todd Bentley and his girlfriend Jessa (holding the microphone) at the July 4 Lakeland “baptisim” festival.

The video evidence suggests, as I see it, that NO, you cannot function in the anointing while living in blatent sin such as John Arnott described in Bentley's case.. It also suggests that the manifestations / anointing shown in these videos was a false anointing or an "anti-anointing." If one believes in defilement (by the laying of hands on suddenly) that it might be reasonable to suggest that those folks get rebaptised.

One of the evidences of "the anointing" in the charismatic realm is demonstrated through "manifesting" (in the bible it was often a sign of demon possession). You can see Jessa “manifest” in Part 2 of the baptism video at about 4:20.

Bentley, in defiance of his so-called restoration process, has opened up shop once again, hanging out the myspace shingle in mid December 2008.

Well, I’m sort of sorry to bring this all up. It reflects the sorry state of the so-called apostolic/prophetic church, and in spite of Peter Wagner’s promises, its inability to deal with arrogance.

Be certain of this - the affair was simply a "manifestation" of a far bigger problem. A problem which extends to the many leaders and co-workers who helped to cover the whole thing up.

Now, watch this video by David Wilkerson and I’m sure you will feel much better.

That, my friend, is the anointing.


  1. Dear William,
    You do a really good job of posting and commentary. I've been reading the lengthy articles in your Reading Room. They have helped me understand more deeply what is going on.
    I pray many people who are involved with these men and ministries will come out from under their deception and return to the Lord Jesus and His truth.
    I am deeply saddened and angry that those leaders who endorsed Todd have not publicly REPENTED. But the sad truth is, I don't think they see or understand because they are deceived. Or they are greedy and this is how they make their living......conferences and endorsing each other.
    May the Lord Jesus set His gullible people free from this gang!

  2. Bill,

    I just never ends. Good post. The casualty in all this hype is the gospel. Don't you wish we could get excited about forgiveness like we get excited about the annointing.


  3. *siiiiigh*....

    What a slap in the face of Shonnah and their kids.



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