Monday, January 05, 2009

"I will ascend above the heights of the clouds"

In a previous post, I spoke about the "anointing" and blatant sin. Lest any should think that perhaps I stepped over the line in illustrating this with a contemporary example, I would like to comment further.

The topic at hand certainly is someting to think about. The question not only brings up the anointing issue, but also questions about church discipline. Situations involving what some would call "wandering stars" are not easy because of the constant shopping for those he/she will be acountable to (Haggard, Cain, Traut, et al).

I wonder if Todd Bentley will eventually make it to Fort Mills for his "restoration" process with Rick Joyner. As an aside, Joyner has recently proclaimed that 2008 was the beginning if the "last-days church" era, an event that was kicked off by Todd Bentley on 08/08/08 (ohhh- spooky numbers!) at Heritage, with Joyner having at least partial knowledge that something was seriously wrong.

On 8/8/08, we had a gathering (with Todd Bentley) to celebrate this new beginning. It was an outdoor event on the grounds at Heritage and it drew thousands.
-Rick Joyner

Based on the reopening of the Bentley facebook/myspace pages, along with the ramping up of an online store featuring his book published in December I'd guess he is no more serious about setting the ministry aside than he is about leaving his current girfriend. At what point is he considered unrepentant? And if he continues in his public ministry should people be warned?

From an academic standpoint these issues are worth consideration- because they will happen again. Although Jimmy Swaggart or more recently Ted Haggard are good case studies, the Lakeland "revival" with Todd Bentley is certainly the most documented - thousands of hours of video and over 300 published "teachings."

Of particular interest is the question "can you be in blatant sin and function in the anointing?" My purpose of citing those Lakeland videos featuring Todd and Jessa is to illustrate that problem in a very real way. To my way of thinking, the root problem was arrogance. Having your girlfriend at your side while ministering seems to rate pretty high in that category.

Again, contrast the baptismal service seen in those videos with those hour-long videos of baptisims in the early days of Brownsville. Much of what you will see is to be expected- Brownsville was a revival of repentance, Lakeland was a "revival" of "kingly anointing."

Both had interesting physical manifestations. Those are not the issue. Without judging the motives of any who were baptised at Lakeland, I think we can safely say that generally most who "testified" at Lakeland stated that they were getting baptised to launch THEIR ministry, or to receive more power or something like that.

At Brownsville, there was a real humble attitude of repentance. And the general explanation of "why?" typically had something to do with obediance to the Word.

Based on this simple observation, I would have to say that there was an anointing at the Lakeland service, but it was an anti-anointing. What else could one expect?

As a side note, July 4 was about the time that things really started to fall apart at Lakeland. Cause and effect.

Another thing relating to arrogance is the alcohol use. I understand there are different takes on the alcohol issue. Although a tee-totaller by choice, I certainly believe that Jesus turned the water into alcoholic wine at Cana, not just really good grape juice, based on the "save the best for last" observation.

While at Lakeland, Bentley was ministering under the leadership of an A/G pastor. With the well-known tee-totalling stance of the A/G, I would guess that it might be somewhat disrespectful to indulge excessively - in public - while in that situation - ministering under an A/G "covering." I also have real trouble understanding those with Bentley who knew of his excessive drinking and "inappropriate relationships" with staff members of the "opposite sex" while at Lakeland, and I wonder how much Steven Strader knew or sensed. Somebody should have confronted or spoken out earlier.

As with the girfriend issue, the alcohol issue seems to be overshadowed by the arrogance problem. This was illustrated by the false prophecies given while taking up the offerings, and in so many other ways. Theologically, I think the Manifested Sons of God doctrine is the most arrogant heresy ever, well at least equal to Lucifer and his "I will" proclaimations (Isaiah 14) - and significantly enough that (MSoG doctrine) is what Todd Bentley preached on 08/08/08 at Fort Mills.

In light of this new information and in consultation with his leaders and advisors, Todd Bentley has agreed to step down from his position on the Board of Directors and to refrain from all public ministry for a season to receive counsel in his personal life.
Freshfire website, August 15, 2008

And it is this arrogance that seems to continue today- while saying he will receive counsel, continuing in sin (Freshfire website finally calls it adultery) and blatantly refusing to step down from "all public ministry" at least for a season.

Is there room for a voice that will speak out against such, or do we continue in silence, hoping things will sort themselves out? Both are legitimate arguments- what do you think?


  1. I think there is not only room to speak out against such, but imperative NEED to do so! If not, WHERE pray tell will truth and accountability come from? From the so called leaders who got up on the stage June 23, 2008 and FALSELY prophesied about Todd to the world via god tv?
    Many voices were warning LOUDLY that something was VERY WRONG with Todd and what was transpiring at Lakeland. I think Todd and Lakeland was a line in the sand so to speak. The error and deception was SO blatant, if one wanted to know the truth, repent and come out from among these false leaders and teachers it was a really good time to do so.
    I visited Lakeland one night. There were actually many spirits at work. In years past I was taught this was Holy Spirit and not taught to test and discern.....just receive and go with the flow. I have seriously REPENTED.
    I think because Todd and all those complicit in endorsing him chose to do this in a public arena via god tv, examination, testing, warning and judgment must be done publicly.
    Shortly after June 23 and the very public endorsement (they called it a commissioning and alignment) of the so called apostolic leaders, a friend of mine stated that the June 23 "platform thingy" was a divine set-up. The LORD got them all up on a stage in front of the cameras and they all falsely prophesied to Todd for anyone with an ounce of discernment to SEE and have on video what a sham and farse this thing was!
    The BoC needs to grow up and STOP rationalizing these false teachers and their false anointing.
    Bottom line, I think they have learned a profitible way to make a living via these conferences and material sales and that is one of the big reasons they don't stop. Look at what Todd is doing at present, it proves my point perfectly.

  2. Lee Grady at Charisma Magazine seems to be confirming (1/7/08) what we have heard elsewhere- that Todd is still (defiantly) preaching.

    "You don’t have to look far to see that the American church has fallen short when it comes to the fear of God. In 2008 one popular charismatic preacher led a series of revival meetings and then ran off with another woman after four months."

    "If we apply the Jethro principle, every one of these men should be out of the ministry today. The sad truth is they are all still preaching—and they have large crowds following them."


  3. hi, i have never posted on here before, but i think that if Christians weren't so dumb as to spend so much of their time following mega church leaders and televangelists in the first place, Christianity in the US would not be in this predicament! Unless, you are a missionary, your attention and money are best kept at work for the cause of Christ in your local community. since the age of televangelism allowed Christians to view an actual mega church, Christians have used them as a standard to measure God's will for churches, levels of congregational prosperity, and as a place for ear tickling doctrine. in the mean time, people have donated money to puff up these pseudo ministries and provide their preachers with inflated egos. Every time this happens, Christianity gets burned when one of these guys screws up because the world sees it. any part of what i have descibed is cyclical. it's like a Christian version of the Hindu Wheel of Samsara. God will deal with Bentley, but no matter what happens there, Christianity will suffer until people wake up and stop putting people on a pedestal in a position for their sins to be seen and idolized by giving them attention and money...while guys like Bentley are responsible for their own actions, the rest of the Christians in the US certainly are not helping their faith, themselves, or goofballs that start up pseudo ministries like televangelism

    Yours in Christ, some guy who popped up from out of no where


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