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Manifested Bentley, Part 1.

Of all the teachings of the Latter Rain sect, the most alarming are the teachings concerning the Manifest Sons of God (MSoG). The Let Us Reason apologetics website has perhaps the most concise summary of MSoG teaching, which in itself is not very concise.

Manifest Sons teachings are Kingdom Dominionist: they believe in restoration of the Church, restoration of the 5 fold ministry with the offices of apostles and prophets, having authority through its leaders by strong shepherding and discipleship. A perfection of the saints, immortalization, and the attainment of being Christ as we become just like Christ in nature and ability. The Manifest Sons of God doctrine has an eschatology of Dominionism through the perfecting of the saints under the leadership guidance of the latter-day prophets and apostles. They mostly deny a (pre-trib or post-trib) rapture in the classic sense. Some replace it with individual raptures, a collective transformation to immortality on earth, or none at all.

Jewel Grewe in her treatise on Joel's Army has this to say:

The theology behind Manifest Sons of God is rather like jello. It just changes its shape depending on the mold you put it into. Yet it is still jello. It comes as “Dominion Theology” or “Kingdom Now” teaching. It even can be called “The Bride.” Next time you hear it, it may not be called Joel's Army, but the “Phineas Priesthood” (those who executed judgment in the name of the Lord in Numbers 25).

She goes on to state that many who are would deny that they are teaching MSoG doctrine. Well, she wrote that in 1991. How things have changed.

In the last few years it has become not uncommon for MSoG proponents to explicitly state that they are teaching MSoG. What was once heresy is now a boast. They have, as it were, come out of the closet. One of the leaders of this thrust is the darling of the so-called "signs and wonders" movement, Todd Bentley. The temporarily disgraced but-now-restored Bentley promotes MSoG. As bad as the circus at Lakeland was, his theology is even worse.

Todd Bentley, May 28, 2008 - at the Lakeland Outpouring (tm)

Tonight is a crossing over and that we have an opportunity, even in this moment, says the Lord, that we can labor and travail until Christ is formed in you. We need a maturity. There's things that are going to mature tonight. Say "maturity." Things are going to mature tonight. Whereas before maybe it was a little embryo. Maybe before it was 3 months in the womb. Maybe before it was 6 months in the womb. Maybe your city, maybe your region, maybe your nation, maybe your destiny has been in the pains, in the labor pains and you've been in a place of contraction.

But I'm telling you I feel if we gave it a big push that we can literally form Christ, Christ in you. I'm talking about a maturing, a maturing of what God has placed on the inside of your spirit. It's gonna come out of the birth canal, it's gonna come out of the womb, because there's a labor and there is a travailing that's going on in the spirit.

And even as we begin to lift our voices, what we're actually doing is pushing, calling forth those things that be not, calling them out of the invisible realm. And we are saying LET THERE BE LIFE. And there was life, we're speaking things into existence. I'm talking about a creative realm.

Decree a thing an it'll be established. There's a realm of opportunity to decree a realm. To decree, to make a... under the anointing you make a declaration and it comes, it forms tonight. It's no longer a hope, and a vision, and a dream, and a promise; we have an opportunity to form. We have an opportunity to form, to bring a maturity to what God has spoken, to bring it out of the womb of expectancy. Because there are bowls coming down.

When you began to talk about the bowls, David (David Tomberlin?), I saw the bowls. The bowls are answered prayer. There's times when your prayers go up to Heaven like incense. But, there are times that the bowls of incense get full in Heaven. And when the bowls get full in Heaven, God throws the bowls back down to earth.

And when the bowls of incense come back to the earth, mingled with fire from the altar in Heaven, that's your answer coming back into the earth. And it comes back with lightning, it comes back with thundering, and it comes back with great earthquake. It comes back with great signs and wonders! And I believe tonight is not a night, tonight is not a night where the incense goes into the bowls, tonight's the night where God takes the fire from the altar, mixes it with the bowls that are full and throws the bowls back down to the earth. And tonight is a night of releasing. Tonight is a night of commissioning. Tonight is a night of activation. You can step right in; you can step right into that gift of healing, step right in to that word of knowledge, step right in to the impartation, step right in to the spirit of revival, step right in to the promise of God, step right into the healing… step right in to the breakthrough tonight.

And so we're going to go back into travail right now until Christ is formed. How many of you know that God's promised a day, God's promised a day where Heaven and earth must retain Him until the restoration of all things. I'm telling you, heaven will hold back the coming of Jesus Christ until sons and daughters come into maturity.

It's called the Manifestation of the Sons of God. Heaven will hold back the second coming. Until the- and listen, you want to know what a mature church looks like? A mature church manifests the glory of God. A mature church manifests the word of God in truth and power. A mature church walks in holiness and character. A mature church walks in miracles, signs, and wonders. I'm talking about a maturity tonight, and it's being formed in you. And that's my prayer tonight. As we begin to lift up our voice. Is let Christ be formed in maturity. Let the full man, let the full man, let the fullness of God come forth, and let the womb open tonight, and let there be a great birthing, says the Lord.

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Next up, Bentley preaches MSoG at Rick Joyner's church.

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