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Manifested Bentley, Part 2.

In Part 1 of this series, we discussed some attributes of the Manifested Sons of God (MSoG) teaching, and then presented one of Todd Bentley's sermons from the so-called Lakeland Outpouring. One of the distinguishing characteristics of MSoG is that idea that somehow the church will morph into Christ, or into a Christ-type. This relieves Christ from having to literally return, and in many strains of MSoG, He doesn't. You will hear phrases such as corporate anointing or corporate atmosphere referring to the transformed body of the elite. Yes, we are the body of Christ, but not The Body of Christ. You will also see Christ's divinity downplayed - as if He could only do what He did because some anointing cloud of glory fell down upon Him. As with all abberent teaching, MSoG teaching includes much truth, which makes the error that much harder to spot.

To be generous, you could say that they just have the timing of Romans 8 off. But the end result of MSoG is to ascribe divinity to ourselves, which will never happen. Of course there are many other problems; let's see how many you can spot without coaching.

Kingdom Theology (combined) with the Manifest Sons of God doctrine (believes in) the ongoing incarnation of God and (that) believers are "little gods" exercising autonomous sovereignty within their spheres of dominion.
-Robert M. Bowman, Jr.

In part 2 we will look at another of Bentley's sermons, this one given at about the time of the meltdown of Lakeland, due to Bentley's affair with an intern (now his wife) Bentley is speaking at Rick Joyner's church near Charlotte, North Carolina on August 8, 2008. The date 08.08.08 was celebrated by some as having some sort of prophetic meaning, even thought it has no meaning in God's calendar. Morningstar was calling it a "historic night of new beginnings," which in a way was sadly funny because Bentley was abandoning his wife at that time.

That Morningstar also embraces this theology is evidenced by the fact that the DVD as of this writing is still promoted on the Morningstar website. The cover of the DVD which I have calls it a "DVD teaching set."

Todd Bentley, August 8, 2008, at Morningstar

You know I saw a progression, (in) this anointing. In the first two weeks that God broke out in Florida, I had an open vision. Four stages of this revival. In fact there were twelve steps. Twelve stairs on a staircase. Four floors; every floor was one stage of the progression of revival.

Bentley goes on to tell us that each step is a progression (increase) of God's Glory . Regarding the four floors or stages. The first stage is healing. He says this where most of the church lives. "Let's worship until the presence of God comes and we get this."

The second floor is called "notable, remarkable miracles." He calls this the "creative miracle realm." "This was the legs, the arms and the eyeballs.."

The third floor was raising the dead. Ironically, Bentley stated (his affair was known by Joyner at this time) "And there were some other things on the (third) floor. The Spirit of Holiness, Romans 1:4. There was character..."

Back to Bentley:

And I was surprised that there was a fourth stage coming that we've still not hit. We've only begin to hit the third floor. Some of us aren't even in the notable-remarkable realm yet. We're just satisfied, we think the healing realm is revival. We're splashing around in the pool of Bethesda and God's trying to move us to the (Peter's) shadow. Then we get to the shadow, we finally start seeing the dead being raised, resurrection. And the fourth floor, I'll tell you what it is.

I got up to the fourth floor, the door opened, it was Romans 8, the Manifestation of the Sons of God, power, dominion, and it was called resurrection life. And I said, wait a minute God, what's the difference between raising the dead and resurrection life? He said, "Raising the dead is something that you do, but there's a place where there'll be such a maturity and glory in my church, that will be resurrection life, power, dominion and authority over every sin, sickness, disease, death, a realm of conquering. Listen, when Jesus came up out of the tomb, when Jesus was risen from the dead, when he came up, just because of the anointing on him, the glory on him, other dead people were raised by accident.

He said Todd, you can pray for one person today to be raised from the dead but there's coming a realm of corporate anointing that when it drops on a city, or drops on a life, or drops on a ministry, and the power become so great, it affects the area hospitals, it affects - people get raised from the dead, wherever they're watching. Because of the anointing in the atmosphere. There's been people raised from the dead for 2000 years.

You can be an apostle, have great faith and pray, and somebody gets raised from the dead, but when you walk in the realm of resurrection life and glory Manifestation of the Sons of God, and there's such a corporate atmosphere, and such an anointing around you. You step into a city and all that's death and decay, and all that's terminal and cancer get affected, and every devil begins to shake.

And that's when I said "God, I'm not focused on raising the dead anymore, I want resurrection life." Do you know, raising the dead isn't something that happens, raising the dead is a person. Resurrection isn't something that happens, resurrection is a person. Jesus said, "I am the resurrection, I am the life." Raising the dead is Jesus. When the dead are raised it's Jesus.

The person. Resurrection is the person. "I am the resurrection, I am the life." Resurrection is Jesus, not something that happens.

God's going to move the church into such a realm, yes Peter's shadow, yes unusual miracles by the hands of Paul, aprons, handkerchiefs, yes healing, yes creative miracles but we're moving into a realm of, yes a revival of raising the dead. But we're moving into a realm of Romans 8: resurrection life, power, dominion over every sin, sickness, disease, death, and it's an atmosphere. Because everything is the person of Jesus. And we are pressing in for that Romans 1:4 anointing. (divinity -ed.)

Do you know how Jesus was raised from the dead? By the spirit of holiness and declared to be the Son of God by the resurrection of the dead. And I just believe there's an impartation to call forth "Christ in you the hope of glory" "the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead."

And I want to take one moment church and I want to press in, I want you to press in with me, to go from one floor, to two floors to three floors, to four, and let's progress and let's say God beyond raising the dead, beyond notable-remarkable miracles, beyond healing, let there be a release in the church of the realm of glory and power and dominion and authority that affects everything that's death and decay around us and it's true victory, it's true resurrection life, true resurrection power, and true resurrection glory. And I want you to press into that for a moment 'cause there's coming a day, where when that resurrection power comes, its going to be so great, that hundreds of those that are terminally ill will be healed, area hospitals will be emptied, dead will be raised five block down the street.

People will be made alive. Born again. Thirty-mile radius of glory- shaking city. That's the cloud that's coming down. That's the overshadowing.

So Lord, I pray tonight, for release of that glory realm, the glory realm that shakes, signs in the heaven above, wonders in the earth beneath. The glory realm that abides. The thirty-mile radius glory. Shaking glory. resurrection life. Resurrection power. Resurrection glory. I want you to press in to it right now and I'm going to pray.

Manifested Sons of God. No longer in the closet but boldly in the open. Coming to an apostolic/prophetic church near you!

Note to the gullible: The same spirit that raised Christ from the dead NOW dwells in us. Not when we reach "the fourth stage" whatever that is.

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  1. Re: "other dead people were raised by accident"

    God is either sovereign or He is not. If He is sovereign, no one was "raised by accident." Those who were raised were raised according to the good pleasure of a sovereign God.

    Re: "People will be made alive. Born again." at the time of the fourth door

    God saves people by means of the preaching of the Gospel, not by some glory explosion. The Gospel, like Jesus who brought it, is the beginning and the end. Neither the Gospel nor Jesus is merely a starting point that must be built upon or transcended. The Gospel and Jesus are everything.

    The so-called "glory realm" and alleged or prospective attendant manifestations are, therefore, at best distractions and at worst counterfeits. What matters are the simple, yet offensive, words of the Gospel. God alone is holy. We are sinners and can contribute nothing to our own salvation. Jesus has graciously done it all for us.

    And, because He's done it all, there are no ladders left to climb, no doors left to be opened. We are complete in Christ, in whom all the fullness of the Godhead dwells in bodily form. Any neo-gnostic assertion to the contrary is well answered by the letters to the Galatians and Colossians, among others.

    Claims that we must do this or do that are law, not Gospel. But Christ is the end of the Law for righteousness to everyone who trusts in Him. Just like the Hebrews before us, we are incapable in ourselves of keeping God's holy law. But our fallen minds tempt us at every turn to add works to grace. We just don't get it: Jesus has already done it all.


  2. wb's comments are spot on.

    When Bentley says "You know I saw a progression, (in) this anointing." and describes his vision, you know he is trying to asert that the vision has authority, but only the Word of God has authority - it is our plumbline - the standard against everything is measured.

    There is no progression, there are no four levels. Again, refer to wb's comments.

    We must choose the Word of God over imagination (or deception) - and more so when it so blatently contradicts scripture.

    Yes, God can harden Pharaoh's heart, Yes, He can send strong delusion and Yes, he can even give them over to a "reprobate mind." (Romans 1:28)

    The way to avoid this is stated in Jeremiah 6:16.

    God truth does not change.


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