Monday, December 28, 2009

The Celestial Card Game

This is an excerpt of a letter recently sent to Mark Anderson, a leader in the YWAM organization who is very much involved in things over at IHOP-KC.

In watching one of the recent IHOPU awakening services on the internet, I noted that Allen Hood relayed a prophetic word that seemed very encouraging to the audience. For reference this was given on a Wednesday night, December the 16th I believe, after Zack Hensely spoke at about 6:00 on this IHOP video.

Well beloved, as I was saying that, the power of God hit Mark Anderson, one of YWAM's major leaders, and the Lord reminded him of a word that the Lord had given him, which was "Two for One." That in a meeting of major leaders of YWAM, the Lord visited him and said "For every abortion that God was going to release two souls and bring them into His kingdom." That the greatness of His mercy, God was going to show great kindness to the earth. And for every abortion, He was going to release a mighty move, a mighty outpouring of His spirit, to bring in two souls.

My first question: is this an accurate rendering of what God has spoken? Did Allen Hood quote you accurately?

I would like to explore this prophetic word based on this simple premise:

If we are to judge prophecy against the standard of the Word of God, we move into dangerous territory when the prophetic word establishes doctrine that is "new" revelation; doctrine that is not contained in the Word of God. Such a prophetic word is unjudgeable.

No where do we find any claim such as this ("two for one") in the scriptures. An associate made this observation:

As an argument from reduction to absurdity, I offer the following: Zealous application of the dogma might entail aborting as many babies as possible since the net result of doing so is that more people are saved. Should we begin supporting abortion or, at least, cease opposing it? Or, at least, shouldn't God be petitioned to save three for one rather than merely two for one?

A pivotal question is what does this prophetic word reveal of the nature of God, and how does it comport with His nature, already revealed in the scripture, which does not change?

Personally, I am saddened by the concept that God would stoop to a game of one up-manship with the devil, such that he would say "Ok, for every baby you kill, I'm going to save two people that I would not have saved otherwise." I would guess that you intended this word to be encouraging to the body of Christ as we rally against the evil of abortion, but I am not encouraged by the prospect of human souls being reduced to poker chips in some celestial card game.

Perhaps that is part of the nature of God that has not been revealed to me, and I need to grow. If God has truly breathed this prophetic word to the body of Christ, then I'm hoping you will be ready to discuss this with the body so that we can all benefit.

I earnestly await your response.

Anderson's "word" has been distributed to the word via the interweb. It is worthy of discussion.
Readers, your input is welcome. I will publish Anderson's reply if and when I recieve same.


  1. Bill, I don't think I've ever heard of anything so disgusting and absurd in my life. Your observations are correct though-- this gives the world, or even the Christian, more 'right' to go killing all the babies they can in order to secure more souls for heaven. This must be making abortion a noble cause to them!

  2. Amanda,

    In 1729 Johnathan Swift wrote an essay where he proposed that poor people sell thier children as food for "rich gentlemen and ladies." That work was called "A Modest Proposal." It was satire.

    The BOGO plan presented by Anderson and Hood does not appear to be satire.

    The question is - have these men spoken on behalf of God when He has not spoken? Or did God really say this and does it mean what it says?

    Or am I just terribly confused? I seriously hope to hear back from Anderson, although this week should be a busy one at IHOP with the annual Christmas break conference.

  3. no response yet from Anderson. if anyone has a good email address for him, please let me know.

  4. As a long-time leader in the pro-life movement, such a statement revolts me. Such a notion revolts me!

    It is my prayer that those who would advance such a sick notion would repent of this slap in the face of God.


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