Monday, January 25, 2010

Podcast - Christian Liberty and the Movie Avatar

Dr. Michael Brown recently did a Line of Fire radio broadcast titled Christian Liberty and the Movie Avatar. Forget the movie- I think it is undoubtedly the best presentation of the holiness issue in a practical manner that I have ever heard.

Brown recently wrote: "And yet in recent years, a very strange message has been gaining momentum, one that claims that Jesus has set us free to sin rather than from sin. To be sure, believers who embrace this concept don’t flatly say that they the Lord has set them free to sin – but they say everything other than that. For example, a friend tells you excitedly about a movie he just saw, one which is laced with profanity, nudity, and sexual scenes. You say to your friend in surprise, “But I hear that’s a really filthy movie. Why in the world did you see it?” He replies, “I’m free in the Lord, man. You’re not going to put me under some old legal system. I’m been liberated from that kind of bondage.” What a bizarre concept!"

Bizarre, indeed.

The Line of Fire broadcast is heard weekdays at 3:00 pm (Eastern) on the Truth Radio Network and online.

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