Thursday, February 11, 2010

Historical Revisionism and MSoG

In a recent series on Todd Bentley and the MSOG (Manifested Sons of God) teaching, we noted that recently it seems less-covert and more-overt. In other words, Bentley had been openly proclaiming that he was teaching MSoG. But now he has an experienced "handler" in the form of Rick Joyner. They must be having second thoughts about some of the video they filmed.

My friends over at the Grey Coats Blog recently ran an article on Historical Revisionism. And yes, we are seeing this more and more.

One of my passions in the field of apologetics is, shall we say, the librarian anointing. Because so much information is posted and then removed, I seek to make copies. Might come in handy someday (if the Lord tarries), when historians try to piece together an accurate story of the church.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to download certain forms of streaming video. The recent "Lakeland Outpouring" was called by some a "media revival." Certainly the hundreds of hours of video on God TV and the internet did much to promote Todd Bentley. Seems now they are reinventing Todd.

When selecting video clips for this blog I much prefer primary source material - from the ministry itself - over secondary material which often has commentary interspersed. In recent weeks, we have become aware of some critical video clips that apparently have been removed from the internet. I don't even think they had commentary - this was in effect raw footage.

So if you see a black box, or a pink banner instead of a video in one of my older posts, you will know exactly what happened. They don't want you to know, because you can't handle the truth.

With that in mind, I would direct you attention again to my recent series on Manifested Bentley.

In the last few years it has become not uncommon for MSoG proponents to explicitly state that they are teaching MSoG. What was once heresy is now a boast. Features transcript and audio from Todd Bentley May 28, 2008 at Lakeland.

Manifested Bentley, Part 1.

In part 2 we will look at another of Bentley's sermons, this one given at about the time of the meltdown of Lakeland, due to Bentley's affair with an intern (now his wife) Bentley is speaking at Rick Joyner's church near Charlotte, North Carolina on August 8, 2008.

Manifested Bentley, Part 2.

In this article we talk about so so-called Romans 1:4 anointing. Says Bentley: "I'm not a man right now. I'm under the anointing. If I was to pray for you two hours from now I wouldn't be the same. I'm in the gift. Do you believe that?"

Manifested Bentley, Part 3.

More on the Romans 1:4 Anointing and the "new breed" teaching.

Manifested Bentley, Part 4.

Internet videos come and go. If you find a missing video, perhaps one that had been posted at multiple video sharing sites, please post a link in the comments box below. I will do my best to provide accurate full transcripts of critical dialouge, but when they remove the video you will just have to take my word on it.

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