Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Jackals Among Ruins

Hey, and you thought Pentecost was something- check out this claim by TBN
PROPHET(tm) Kim Clement:

I'm a getting excited...I'm in the midst of the people, God said, "Where you (Clement) put your feet in the first months of two-thousand and ten is where there's going to be an outpouring of my spirit like I've never done before." -Kim Clement 1-20-2010

Let's test the prophetic word that Clement has given. Either its true, or he is a pompus windbag that must be completely disregarded forever. I'm a patient guy; I'm willing to wait until April.

This is what the Sovereign LORD says:

Woe to the foolish prophets who follow their own spirit and have seen nothing! Your prophets, O Israel, are like jackals among ruins. Read more.

Speaking of jackals among ruins (oooh-oooh, now I'm prophetic), Clement has the bald-faced audacity to proclaim (starting at 1:57):

“Come on, just praise! Just pray. For, even as the earth shook in Haiti, and some have cursed and some have said, ‘This is the judgment of God,’ God said, ‘Be careful what you say! For you see, I diverted,’ now listen carefully, ‘I diverted the earthquake, for it was due to happen in this nation (meaning America). The Davids of the hour, and Daniels who fasted for twenty-one days prayed and prayed and My hand was stayed.’ “ And God said, “Many would say, ‘But why would this happen? Why did He not even remove it?’ ” God said, “It was to happen, and therefore I removed and took the course another way.

This is just wrong in so many ways. Apparently God had an earthquake lined up, and once the Daniel-Fasters and Davids-of-the-hour moved, he had to ditch it and just shunted it over to Haiti, because, I suppose, an earthquake is too precious to waste. What a small god Clement serves.


  1. Kim Clement is THE person that I give 100% credit to for getting me out of this heretical movement.

  2. Bless God; I suppose he does have a purpose after all! He is too pathetic to take seriously, but alas, many (like Paul and Jan Crouch) do.

    You know, I was thinking, if God is going to pour out his Spirit wherever Clement places his feet, Clements MOUTH is in for a great outpouring.

  3. The Arnott ministry isn't exactly a paradigm for orthodox Trinitarianism. Their famed "prophecy" about the Holy Spirit being lonely since he left Jesus up in Heaven is quite disturbing

  4. clarification - I AM a occasional Daniel- Faster and did not want to sound as if I was heaping scorn on the practice.

    Now if someone could tell me what a david-of-the-hour is? Is that like a Bathsheeba-by-the-hour?

    (sorry, I just can't help myself sometimes...)

  5. PL said:

    "The Arnott ministry isn't exactly a paradigm for orthodox Trinitarianism. Their famed "prophecy" about the Holy Spirit being lonely since he left Jesus up in Heaven is quite disturbing"

    Not sure how that ties in the THIS post.

    According to Hank Hannegraff (Counterfeit Revival, Page 111) Carol Arnott reported that the Spirit told her:

    ""'You know, the Father, and Jesus and I have been together for all of eternity. But when Jesus went back to heaven to be with God the Father, I came to earth.' And He said, 'I am so lonely for Jesus.' He said, 'So that when people really, really love Jesus, and really honor Him, and really worship Him,' He said, 'I love to be around those kinds of people.' … He misses Jesus, and He misses the Father"

    What nonsense.


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