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Make It Up As You Go!

In our previous article we introduced Mike Bickle's sermon "Blow The Trumpet in Zion." To say this sermon was foundational for the Kansas City Fellowship (with IHOP to follow) is an understatement.

In early 1983 prophet Bob Jones had been predicting that something significant was coming for KCF. Quoting David Pytches, "The fellowship had been meeting to pray every single night for five or six months. It was Wednesday night, April 13, when the Lord spoke again directly to Mike Bickle. It was that internal audible voice again. God said, 'Call the people together for a solemn assembly. Call the people together to fast and pray for twenty-one days! This people in the heart of the nation will be like Daniel who, when the children of Israel were in captivity in Babylon, went on a twenty-one-day fast'."

Mike called the congregation, and indeed the city, to this fast on Sunday, April 17, 1983. "Blow the Trumpet" was his response to the audible call of God which he received that week. And it was in this sermon that Mike made statements such as "This is the premier statement of this generation" and "The move of God that’s coming will have great opposition." How emphatic was he? Well, he said "I am saying this with every ounce of my reputation on this."

The formative time for KCF was so significant that David Pytches devoted an entire chapter to the call to a Solemn Assembly in his book about the Kansas City Prophets called "Some Said it Thundered." And Bickle continues to use the model of the Solemn Assembly (Based on Joel 1:14) in his ministry today. Bickle makes references to what he calls their "prophetic history" in his book "Growing in the Prophetic."

As we study this address I want to point out the high level of scripture-twisting that Bickle does. Of course this is aptly demonstrated by some of his contemporary published works, such as his teachings on Song of Songs. It is important to be attuned to this, because many of his premises are supposedly based on scriptural foundations. We need to examine these things to see if they are true (Acts 17:11).

Bickle, speaking of his school, now known as IHOP University, says "We want to combine the gifts of the Spirit with responsible scholarship." Unfortunately, in an atmosphere of direct audible revelation, it is hard to contest an exposition of the scriptures that does not seem to co-exist with responsible scholarship. Especially when that revelation contains gems such as this:

Woe to those that are educated. Not that your education in God is wrong. But the education of many peoples is what causes them to lose their child-heart. And when the word of the Lord comes, their education will keep them from hearing. I’m not talking about education in the world, I’m talking about education in the scriptures. I’m talking about those in the body of Christ who have labored for years in the Word, and they know too much to be used by God. They know too much to be used.

-Mike Bickle, Blow the Trumpet in Zion

As so, with this in mind, I give you an example of "revelatory" scripture-twisting and prophetic pronouncement that would make Todd Bentley blush.

Jesus will be Hanged at his Second Coming

Remember this, it was the religious people, it was the knowledgeable people, it was the Bible scholars that crucified the Lord Jesus Christ at his first coming. I am certain, that it will be the Bible scholars that will be a part of the group that hangs Him at His second coming. Opposition, we’ve never seen anything like it.

-Mike Bickle, Blow the Trumpet in Zion

What can he possibly mean by this? I see three possibilities. Four, if you consider a literal hanging and believe that Bible Scholars will hang Jesus when he returns.

1. He didn't really mean "hang" he just was saying bible scholars will resist. Figure of speech. Of course, this hardly squares with the biblical image of Jesus's return. Or as Ray Steadmen says "But this Second Coming described in the book of Revelation is the true Triumphal Entry."

As to bible scholars resisting, Bickle's paradigm presupposes that 1) they are not saved or 2) that Jesus will not literally return. Otherwise, their eyes would be opened and they would see "face to face" (1 Cor 13:12).

2. It's going to be like "groundhog day" where Jesus just keeps getting crucified over and over. Yeah, he could justify the concept with Hebrews 6:6- except he added the words "at his second coming." (Minor problem - to kill someone by hanging is not the same as crucifixion.)

3. The second return is not a literal return; he is teaching MSoG and the body of Christ becomes the Body of Christ. Note he says "Opposition, ***WE'VE*** never seen anything like it." And he espouses the Civil War in the church, which more likely than not Jones was chatting about over coffee at Mike's house in the evenings in the weeks before this address.

To state that Jesus will be hanged at His second coming is, pardon the pun, really going out on a limb. And this is not an isolated instance.

Babies Killed Forehadows Deliverance

Let me tell one prophetic thing real soon before we go on to Jeremiah 29. At the deliverance, what is the greatest deliverance in the old testament Moses no question. What happened? What significant thing happened to children? Before the greatest deliverance in the old covenant? Children were murdered. What is the greatest deliverance, even greater than that, in the history of mankind? The coming of the Lord Jesus. What happened when he was coming? Children were murdered. What do you think will be the greatest deliverance of history? This generation? What do you think will happen in this generation in an unprecedented manner. Children will be murdered. Abortion will be received and endorsed at an unparalleled level in this generation, because the devil’s activity is at its highest degree in the murdering of innocent children, and the devil always acts before the mightiest deliverances of God. And right now, going across this city and this nation is a prophetic sign of the times. The devil is knows his time is short, he has gone forth in war and in wickedness murdering the innocence of children.

-Mike Bickle, Blow the Trumpet in Zion

OK, here we have Bickle stating that the three examples of the devil murdering innocent children before the mightiest deliverances are:

* Exodus 1 - Pharoah orders male babies killed
* Matthew 2 - Herod's massacre after the birth of Jesus
* Abortion in this generation

When I first wrote this article, I did not think of the Exodus 1 example- instead Exodus 12 came to mind- which was an instance of God smiting the first-born Egyptians. However, a blog reader was quick to point out:

"When Mike referred to the murder of children before the deliverance from Pharoah, he was referring to the male babies being thrown into the Nile, with Moses being saved by his mother. I know this because this paradigm was always taught. Male babies thrown into the Nile. Male babies, ages two and under, being killed in the region of Bethlehem. Babies being aborted today. Just wanted to clear that up in case Mike didn't make that point in this particular teaching."

No he didn't, but thank you reader for clearing that up.

Here's the problem. He makes a (seemingly) profound point which quite frankly is conjecture. Beyond that, this was given in 1983, and the text of the address indicates that they expected this deliverance to follow in three years. It didn't.

In the prophetic world, we call this type of revelatory teaching "Make it up as you go."

Let me tell one prophetic thing...
-Mike Bickle, Blow the Trumpet in Zion

Now, as a side note, I would like to step away from the 1983 sermon and see where this paridigm has taken IHOP in the most blatent extra-biblical manner.

Here's word given to Mark Anderson, a senior international leader in YWAM and
relayed on video at the "IHOPU Awakening." About 6-7 minutes in. The word was "Two for One." For every abortion God was going to release
two souls and bring them into his kingdom.

It is has created the IHOP doctrine of the Shedding of Innocent Blood as taught by Lou Engle. Lou says "It is not enough that Jesus died. Someone must apply the blood of Jesus to the national sin of the USA." Don't get me started.

To understand IHOP today you must understand Bickle's address of 1983.

Listen to "Blow the Trumpet in Zion" on the Internet Archive.

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