Monday, May 31, 2010

Mike Bickle and the Man-Child, Redux

Recently we began an ongoing series on the recently recovered recording of Mike Bickle's seminal sermon "Blow The Trumpet in Zion." It was recorded in the early days of the Kansas City Fellowship, five weeks after the appearance of Prophet Bob Jones. The night before this address God gave Mike Bickle a call to gather a solemn assembly. Although a critical document concerning Bickle's IHOP movement, it had dropped off the radar, perhaps because it reveals failed prophecy and bad doctrine.

I'd like to make a side comment regarding my thoughts about the blog world. While I spend quite a bit of time on background research, I challenge my readers to be good Bereans and look into the things I say. This is the power of the blogosphere. Blogging is interactive; you cannot imagine the amount of useful information I recieve as a result of these articles, much of it privately and off the blog.

I have been in contact with several people who were actually part of Mike Bickle's church back in its formative years. The insight has been very helpful. Others have provided factual material. Please understand, I am more than willing to change or make corrections to the articles as a result of this sort of feedback. That is the synergy that is realized through blogging - and it is these very articles that has brought on the flow of information.

And I am thankful that Mike Bickle has also opened himself to Berean inquiry. So please do not get defensive when I bring his teachings up for discussion.

I mandate you to boldly challenge everything you hear me, Allen Hood, Lou Engle, any of the main leaders here, anything you hear us say, I mandate you to challenge it, to see if its in the Word of God, and if its not, then you have the mandate to appeal to us to get it correct.

-Mike Bickle, OneThing 2008 12-29-2008

And why the fascination with all things Bickle? I don't want to overstate the importance of IHOP, because 95% of Christendom has never heard of it or Mike Bickle, but IHOP is having a profound impact (good and bad) on Charismatic and Pentecostal churches througout the world. Many people are looking for answers- is the IHOP model something our church should embrace? Should I encourage my child to become a "prayer missionary?" Can IHOP dominionism co-exist with my church's eschatological viewpoint, or are our pastors simply lying to us?

And please understand, when a public figure states in an address to our children, as did Mike Bickle in 2008, that our "pastors are lying," such a person invites public inquiry.

A faithful reader has pointed out that in Mike Bickle's contemporary series on the book of Revelation Mike (now) states that the male Child is Jesus. see page 3. So the question is, in 1983, did Mike Bickle believe that Jesus was going to return in 1986? Or did he believe in some sort of JW-esque return of His presence? Or was he actually, despite his current denials, teaching MSoG in 1983?

We will continute to look at this document, which indeed is foundational in IHOP beliefs and practices. If Mike Bickle today states "Some uphold the false teaching (MSoG) that in this age believers can have faith that will enable them to attain to qualities of life that are reserved only for believers in the resurrection," then he is clearly denying a current connection with the MSoG heresy. On the otherhand, there can be no doubt that the IHOP orginization has an unhealthy emphasis on dominionsim.

I am posting this article today to bring your attention to this information which has been incorporated into my May 12th article Bickle and the Man-Child. Part of the rationale for transcribing "Trumpet" is to look for similarities between Bickle's teachings of 1983 to what he teaches today. Does he have the right to change (grow in) his beliefs? Certainly; I was singing a different tune in 1983 as well. Can what he taught in 1983 help up to understand what he teaches today? Indeed.

Some have wrongly identified our ministry today with the false teachings that were popularized by some in the Latter Rain movement. At no time in the past did we have any relationship with this movement.
-Mike Bickle, Affimations and Denials

Listen to "Blow the Trumpet in Zion" on the Internet Archive.


  1. Its interesting how Mike Bickle claims he has no connection to Latter Rain. Just as Jesus predicted that false teachers would come, 'deceiving and being deceived', Matthew 24, enter Mike BIckle. His Corporate Christ is the same as the occultic Cosmic Christ. His "rain of the 'spirit' is the same as occultic medium Jane Lead's 'showers of the 'spirit', his ecumenical "River" is the same 'River' as the occultics, his contemplative prayer is the same 'prayer' as mystics. His "Davidic Wars" against Logos believers are the same as Jane Lead's "Wars of David" and his 'Global Church' (Scripture please?) is the same as the occultic One World Church. Sadly, millions of God loving truly saved charismatics have fallen under the spell of this very dangerous false teacher and are unknowingly participating in preparing the world for the antichrist. This occultic agenda called "New Beginnings" is in the Church today thanks to Bickle, Rick Joyner and RIck Warren. Just as occultic medium Alice Bailey predicted, the Church is becoming Universal, Occultic and Militant. And Jesus warned,regarding the harlot church, "Come out of her my people" Revelation 18:4

  2. I would bring my readers attention to Bob DeWaay's most excelent article on the Latter Rain

    He states:

    "This is especially so when one considers Bickle's past associations with prophets like Paul Cain of the Latter Rain era. Therefore I conclude that Bickle and IHOP have indeed been influenced by the Latter Rain despite their denials."


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