Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Spiritual Drunkenness, Redux

Having seen videotape examples and attended conferences of people who are supposedly “drunk in the spirit”; staggering around, struggling to talk (or preach), talking with slurred speech, and falling down, as well as behavior that is unseemly or immodest, I am totally convinced that this is not God’s Spirit at work. This kind of behavior is identical to the type of behavior exhibited by literal drunks – drunk on alcohol. There is absolutely no reason to infer from the book of Acts (Chapter 2) that the disciples of our Lord were exhibiting even one of these “symptoms” of drunkenness. If you read Acts, chapter 2 you realize that what the populace was responding to was the supernatural sign that was in evidence – they were speaking in tongues.

Unable to explain this sign in any other way, some mocked and accused them of being drunk. That this charge was spurious and not even considered by the majority can be seen in the fact that 3,000 listened and responded to Peter’s (coherent) presentation of the gospel, repented of their sins, and were added to the Church that day.

There is a “party spirit” loose in the Church today. Thousands are dying and slipping into an eternity in hell every day. Occultism and New Age beliefs, not to mention secular humanism and the myriad of new cults arising daily are leading millions down the wide road that leads to destruction. Yet I’m supposed to believe that God would have me sit back, relax, and enjoy some “Holy Ghost drinking party”?

This comment by "Ester" on The Gospel Masquerade Blog says it all. The "party spirit" continues today, years after the Toronto "the Party is Now" slogan falls into antiquity.

"In Jesus Name, the Bar is Open." -Patricia King

I could show you much worse (behaviourally speaking) videos than the one above, but I thought that Patty King would present the doctrine (recieved through a "download") better than just showing you slurring preachers plastered to the floor. My favorite, of course, is sweet Heidi Baker, fast forward to timestamp 06:40 see also 14:43.

Today we not only have "apostles" sloshing around in "The Wine Barrel" (another TACF catchphrase, but we now have "progessed" to "Tokin' the Holy Ghost."

Quoting Lee Grady
, former editor of Charisma Magazine:

Not long after ecstasy became known as a recreational drug, someone in our movement got the bright idea to promote spiritual ecstasy as a form of legitimate worship. The concept evolved from "spiritual drunkenness" to the current fad in which people gather at church altars and pretend to shoot needles in their arms for a "spiritual high." Some preachers today are encouraging people to "toke the Holy Ghost"-a reference to smoking marijuana.

I hate to be a party pooper, but the Bible warns us to "be of sound judgment and sober spirit" (1 Pet. 4:7). There is plenty of freedom and joy in the Holy Spirit; we don't have to quench it by introducing people to pagan revelry. Christian worship is not about losing control. Those who worship Jesus do it "in spirit and in truth" (John 4:24), and our love for God is not measured by how violently we shake or how many times we fall on the floor.

The issue is worth serious consideration. Besides the recent article on "tokin' the Baby Jesus" I would suggest and article written a year ago titled "Drunken Streams - Defiled Waters."

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