Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Who Can Ascend Into Heaven? At Will?

Patricia King's Glory School returns to The Hub - Harrisonburg starting January 2011.
Recently Charisma Magazine published an article in its "Prophetic Insight" column which addressed the numerous bad doctrines creeping into the church as a result of bible illiteracy amongst Christians. I know nothing of the author, Dennis Cramer, but in this article he is spot on.

In this essay he addresses the current teachings, such as those encountered in Patricia King's so-called "Glory School," where people are taught to have "supernatural, sovereign experiences at will." This includes (at will) third-heaven visitations, which is the gist of the "Glory School" teaching. Back to Cramer:

When a believer unwisely exercises his (soulish) human will, outside of or in conflict with the sovereign will of God (anything contrary to the written Word of God, the Bible), he is producing a seemingly supernatural (source unclear) experience from his own will, or “at will.” This is the meaning of “at will.” It is self-will, and self-will can be sinful and lead to all kinds of spiritual deception and questionable practices.

These deceptions can take place ONLY because Christians are NOT opening their bibles and reading it for themselves.

One of these deceptions involves the teaching that we can go to the "third heaven" (mentioned once in the scriptures) on our own instigation - "at will." Yes, scriptures tell us of a few noteworthy events that suggest that a person could be caught up into the heavenlies for a specific sovereign purpose. Nowhere it is implied that this is an everyday event that we can conjure up at will.

"Who is allowed to ascend the mountain of the Lord?

Who may go up to his holy dwelling place?" Psalm 24:3

For instance, here (at 00:46), Patricia King rips Psalm 24 totally out of both context and plain meaning. By no stretch of the imagination is Psalm 24 promoting visits to heaven by saints now alive on the earth. In its plainest meaning it refers to Zion or Jerusalem. Yet King uses this scripture to promote her "Glory School" agenda.

Notably absent from her scripture references is this appropriate one from Isaiah 14:

"For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High."

Friends, this is dangerous stuff. Things did not work out too well for the being quoted above in Isaiah 14. Be careful of the company you keep. Dennis Cramer says "There is now widespread acceptance of 'marginal to heretical' doctrines. Just 25 years ago individuals would have been thrown out of the church if caught teaching these heresies." Rest assured, God will bring correction, for He is coming for a Bride without "spot or wrinkle."

As with any deviant teaching, the Glory School lessons contain much truth. But also much error.

Read Cramer's article.

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  1. I read this word on Andrew Stroms post a few days ago. Dennis Cramer is a prophet. About 3 years ago, he came to the church I attended. He had a "word" for everyone, and I have to admit most were right on. But some were not. But what he has said in this post is so needed to be heard by the church at this time.

  2. If Dennis Cramer claims to be a prophet of God then he would have to be "right on" every time. God is explicit that a "prophet" who speaks in the name of the Lord/God yet gets it wrong is NOT filled with the Spirit. This is no prophet but instead a false prophet. Instead of giving these people the benefit of the doubt because they say they are the "anointed" we need to test what they say by the Word of God and sound reasoning/judgment. It is our command to do such. Do not listen to a "prophet" who got it wrong even once.

  3. The post was not on Dennis Cramer and whether or not he is a "prophet". Let's not get sidetracked here.

    In this essay written by Cramer, he is speaking truth.

    This essay was even published, withdrawn, re-written and re-published on the Elijah List, which has the largest collection of prophetic blather in the world.

    See here:

    The essay is controversial in that it appears to be directed at Patricia King specifically, but most of the prophetic/apostolic generally.

  4. It is necessary to point as, as Michael has, that Cramer is no better than Patricia King (or any of the other so called prophets).

    While he may be speaking truth this time, it would be unwise to not mention that he is all about selling his prophecies for individuals, er, offering his "High Level prophetic ministry" to his "Lifetime Partners."

  5. Agreed, the irony of Cramer selling ("at will") prophecies did not escape me.

  6. Settintg aside the issue of "are prophets for today", I would like to suggest that Cramer was speaking in a forth-telling (rebuke) mode, nor a fore-telling(predictive) mode. Forth-telling, whether or not we call it "prophetic" is always a need for the church- we need people who will speak out against error.

    That this is coming from within the so-called prophetic camp seems significant to me.

    Does it appear that some within that camp are starting to wake up and smell the coffee (lee Grady comes to mind also)?

    Is this encouraging to anyone?

    Or is that segment of the church beyond repair or salvage and to be written off as destined for hell?

  7. "Does it appear that some within that camp are starting to wake up and smell the coffee (lee Grady comes to mind also)?"

    Grady has done this before...he will take a swipe at them and then withdraw. So you don't know whether to be encouraged or more guarded....and I have to say you next statement...
    "Or is that segment of the church beyond repair or salvage and to be written off as destined for hell?"

    is one that I have truly struggled with at times. This is a great article.


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