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The Mother of all IHOP Casualties

I have written much about IHOP over the years, but recently felt led to publish some first hand accounts. Anecdotes will never take the place of careful doctrinal consideration, but at some point anecdotal evidence (fruit) must be considered. We will return to that doctrinal review later this week, but right now there are more stories that need to be told.

The author of today's article will remain anonymous to the readers of this blog, but I want you to understand that these are not just stories I have picked up from the internet. I have closely corresponded with the author for 8 months; the experiences are real and the source is credible.

Kansas City is really kind of like a small town; at least the Christian community feels that way. I have been a Christian for over 30 years now, and have lived all of those years in Kansas City. As a result, I have been able to meet many other Christians in this city. Because many churches have come and gone, ebbed and flowed, and also many people have done a fair amount of church hopping, one’s circle of friends and acquaintances can be broad. As a result, I have had a birds‐eye‐view into the lives of a number of persons who’ve jumped onto the IHOP bandwagon, only to be found in a ditch at a later date.

While grieving over yet another IHOP casualty, I decided to document some of the other disasters leading up to what I now consider to be The Mother of All IHOP Casualties. These people are real people, with real families, and have real lives to live. And, these people are up close and personal to either me, or my family, or close friends I consider family. I have changed the names, and minor details, to protect their privacy.


The first casualty that comes to mind, within my circle of acquaintances, would be Pastor Donald (name changed). Pastor Donald happened to have been my own personal pastor back before we all packed our bags, left our churches, and invested ourselves in Kansas City Fellowship (KCF). Pastor Donald truly had a pastor’s heart. He was brought on board as one of the leaders serving in that role, particularly to the young singles in the group. Over time, he found himself accused of having a lustful heart, as his attentions to the young women were deemed inappropriate. There was never any allegation of wrongdoing, only that he appeared very cozy in conjunction with visiting with them. Long story short, he was ultimately dismissed, because Mike Bickle was convinced he had a heart of lust, and that was enough to let him go before something DID happen.

I use this particular example as it reveals that the very accusation someone might be lustful led to Pastor Donald’s dismissal. The egregious incidences of actual sexual impropriety by Bob Jones only resulted in his dismissal from ministering in Kansas City, but he continued on as a prophet in good standing. Augustine Acolla’s prophecies are foundational to the forerunner “move of God” to this day. As are Paul Cain’s. And all of these men did more than just appear to act inappropriately. They participated in immoral behavior. Doesn’t seem quite fair.

Pastor Donald hasn’t found, nor does he seem to be interested in finding, a church home. He leads a peaceful and quiet life and doesn’t seem to miss the church scene much at all. I guess, compared to the other casualties, his story doesn’t end on such a sad note.


Then there is Candace. Candace and her family moved to Kansas City in order to be part of the prayer room. Candace home schooled her children as well. She was very involved in attending many prayer meetings throughout the week. Her children were sometimes with her in the prayer room, and oftentimes at home, working on their studies. More often, these children could be found at Melissa’s house, a neighbor of Candace’s who also home schooled her own children. Melissa regularly took care of
Candace’s children while Candace prayed. Now, people have all kinds of arrangements they work out with others in order to help with their busy lives. However, Melissa just inherited responsibility for these kids by default. Candace defaulted. Melissa saw a need there and tried to fill it. She was never asked to take on this responsibility.

My concern for Candace and her family, at the time I was aware of all of this, arose from observation that her children were having some social difficulties that were spilling over into Melissa’s home. Candace’s husband was growing less enamored with IHOP and more frustrated with Candace’s praying lifestyle. Their family began falling apart before my eyes ‐ and that’s when the affair began. The affair between Melissa and Candace’s husband.

Since then both couples have divorced, and after many years have passed, neither of these families has ever been the same. Few of their children are walking with the Lord (both families were Christian) and neither set of parents are. Do I consider these families an IHOP casualty? Well, where were the IHOP leaders who take the scriptures in Titus seriously? I believe Candace had an unhealthy addiction to the prayer room that took her away from the family she needed to be taking care of. I am not giving Melissa and Candace’s husband a free pass. They chose their path, and are greatly responsible for the demise of the marriages.


Marion is another young woman who came to Kansas City for a one year internship at IHOP. She and her boyfriend came from out of state. He actually participated in a different church’s discipleship program during his time in Kansas City, and she spent many hours in the prayer room as was required. During the latter part of her stay she was caught in a, shall we say, compromising situation with a young man who also was involved in the same internship program. Well, her boyfriend, understandably, broke off their relationship, with her pleading that he give her another chance.

Shortly after she left the internship program, she did not know how to function in the real world as a Christian. She didn’t know how to serve God outside of the prayer room, since that was all she was taught to do. She soon fell away from the Lord.


Marion also had a roommate named Anne. Anne and Marion met at IHOP and became roommates in connection with that ministry. Anne couldn’t afford the cost of the IHOP internship and realized that it was necessary for her to spend her dollars on actually learning a skill that would support her. She went to school, and became quite good at what she does in the field of cosmetology, with the hope that, once she earned enough money, she could take a leave of absence and fulfill her dream of attending an internship at IHOP as well.

After a time, she became interested in a very nice young man, albeit, a nice unbelieving young man. Their relationship went the way so many relationships go, in a very worldly manner. She ended up investing two years of her life hoping that he would eventually come to the Lord, all the while justifying their immoral relationship along the same lines other “missionary daters” justify theirs. Well, he didn’t come to the Lord and she finally woke up and smelled the coffee and sent him on his way. I mention her in regards to IHOP because her theology was screwed up. She seemed to feel more badly about not being able to participate in the prayer room than being in a wrong relationship. It was upside down and backwards.

Thankfully, she has totally repented and is doing well today. I am so glad she was never able to participate in that much longed for internship.


Catherine was another home‐schooled child who spent much of her high school years in the prayer room. This young lady gave all of her time to this place. I mean, all of it. She was, and still is, very sharp, and somehow, did keep up with her studies as she has gone on to medical school. But she is now a hard hearted and bitter self‐proclaimed atheist. I don’t know what happened to her during her stay there. Perhaps it cannot be blamed on that time spent in the prayer room. I only know that she left there very bitter and cynical. Why didn’t all this time there cause her walk with the Lord to be more steadfast and steady?

Catherine’s mother was an avid participant as well. Catherine’s siblings also spent a lot of time there. Catherine’s mother has since seen much that was not right about that place and attributes Catherine’s spiritual demise to her time spent there. And, sadly, all of Catherine’s siblings want nothing to do with the Lord. Not atheists, just fed up with what they’ve seen representing the Church.

Catherine’s mother is one of the only persons in my sphere of influence who’s had an ear to hear what I’ve had to say, and is quite hungry to learn the truth contained in the scriptures, for which I rejoice.

A Mine Field of Destruction

IHOP has produced quite a legacy. Many couples are no longer together. Many. So many. Many children who were raised going there want nothing to do with Jesus or His Church.There is a veritable mine field of destruction, in Kansas City, of disaffected and discouraged youth being vomited out of IHOP.

And then there are those who have remained, fewer in number, whose marriages are still intact and whose children are still believers. Sadly, another family who appeared so stable and unscathed, has truly become the Mother of All IHOP Casualties.


I am unable to go in to much detail as I wish to protect their identities. They stand out as parents having so earnestly and deliberately taken on the role of teaching and training their children with the extreme diligence. They stand out in such a way that it would make your head spin. One of the children, Solomon had an extraordinary conversion a few years back, which caught the attention of all his family members. As a result, the entire family seemed to really dig in and become super participants ‐ in the prayer room ‐ and in various internships. In Solomon’s zeal to walk in a manner worthy of the Lord, he embraced all things IHOP, including a fasting lifestyle. After a prolonged period of fasting, Solomon’s parents intervened in order to restore his physical health (he lost 40 lbs.) More sadly is that Solomon is now experiencing some sort of psychosis, even refusing to eat.

Things have gone downhill for Solomon in a most unexpected and alarming manner leaving him out of touch with reality. In their desire to help him, his parents have not yet considered his experience at IHOP as having contributed to his demise. I lay it directly at the feet of IHOP. But that’s just me.

There are many other tragedies associated with this movement. I’m sure I can think of more, but time prevents me from going on. Clearly, this is bad fruit ‐ the worst kind. Where is the proclamation of the gospel in all of their wrangling? It isn’t proclaimed. I don’t know if it’s even alluded to anymore.

So, everyone out there, pray for Solomon, and all the other Solomon’s who have rejected their parents, rejected the Bible as the final authority, and given themselves over to a deceiving spirit masquerading as an angel of light. This is truly overwhelming, but not too great for our saving Savior to step in and fix. Thank you, Jesus, for knowing the end from the beginning and being an ever present help in time of trouble.

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  1. When the gospel alone is not our sufficiency we will make excuses for the unreliability of the 'plus' part of the equation. This is important. Anything added to the gospel to allegedly enhance it is doomed to fail, because the gospel is completely sufficient in itself to accomplish all that God intends accomplished. Adding to it actually detracts from it. It also presents a Christianity that doesn’t work. Everyone isn’t healed (most are not), everyone doesn’t receive accurate prophetic guidance (most do not). Before long we are tolerating things that are false. Not having the experiences that were promised? Fast more. Not seeing the signs and wonders you were promised - pray longer and harder. Finding the personal prophecies not being fulfilled - you probably didn't do your part, or maybe the timings off. Didn't experience the healing? Probably a lack of faith. Finding credibility issues with the so-called prophets? God uses all kinds, even the morally corrupt. Or maybe its the favorite response of the hyper Charismatic crowd to the report of failure or falsehood of something that was either promised or proclaimed - God confounds the mind to reveal the heart. This is the ultimate irrationality - lay false prophecies at the feet of God as a little trick He plays on us in order to test our loyalty. Bob Jones in one of his classic mind numbing theological explanations described prophecies that don’t come true as ‘blanks’ which God loads into the prophecy gun. God have mercy!
    When the range of spiritual experiences is expanded to 'guarantee' that if one follows the plan/program they will have dreams, visions, hear the audible voice of God, see angels, talk to Jesus face to face - fraud is inevitable. Add to the mixture young impressionable minds and the likelihood of regular false claims will become the rule rather than the exception. The expectation of regular, even ordinary encounters with God that are vividly sense based cannot help but produce false experiences.  Add to this  the fact that a great deal of IHOP's atmospheric mysticism is created in the context of prolonged 'dreamy' extended music 'jams', lasting for hours with great emphasis placed on personal experience. As a back drop to this stew is IHOP's long standing claims of a fantastical prophetic history (told and retold to the IHOP interns) and all the ingredients necessary to produce an aberrant form of Christianity are in place.

  2. Statistically, the larger a group the more likely that problems of all types will exist within that group. This is all that has been shown in this blog.

  3. Anon,

    What was shown in this blog are some actual events which happened in the cult-like environment of IHOP ehich is filled with mysticism.

    If, as you posit, the statistical percentages of problems such as demonstrated on this article are higher than smaller groups, then I would say that's a good reason to keep things small.

    I'm really not big on anecdotal stories like these, but sometimes that have to be heard.

    So I'd invite you to read the current article which delves into the doctrinal foundations of IHOP

  4. Yes, the events probably did happen, but that does not imply anything about the frequency with which such events happen in a given group or whether they happen more often in one large group relative to another large group.

    That said, anecdotes are valuable to describe the kinds of things that happen in various groups, but it must be kept in mind that anecdotes give no information as to how often such things happen or why they happen. Causality cannot be inferred from anecdotes except in very specific circumstances.

    There are people who have problems and leave all types of spiritually oriented groups. Without systematic research you cannot claim that the problems are greater in one group than another group.

    I have been involved with numerous different Christian groups over many years and each group has plenty of problems and could be painted as terrible places if all you listened to were the discontented people who left. This does not imply that the claims of those who left were baseless; it only implies that all groups are imperfect.

    I am not defending IHOP, but I think all groups should be evaluated fairly.

    1. IHOP is a religious cult and they have stolen my son.

  5. Anon,

    Got it. Thank you for responding.

    In the examples given, many of these people have not even left IHOP. But I am having trouble with the nature of the problems outlined.

    1) Repeated stories that I hear of families being isolated from their children- to the point of rejection, and at the behest of the IHOP leadership and culture.

    2) Reports of mental breakdowns attributable to the lifesytle of extreme fasting, sleep deprevation, doctrinal abberation, the inability to question anything, and the end-times army mentality. Through people AT IHOP, I've heard 5 such cases (psychotic-like breakdowns) cited as **current**.

    It seems like IHOP has created the perfect storm. Many, many years ago Ernest Grien preached a sermon concerning Bickle's ministry called "Shall we Smile and say Nothing?" I believe the answer is still "NO."

    What is it about this ministry that would cause concern for any parent whose child might consider involvement with?

    I understand the nature of youth programs, and how many outfits like this have to deal with kids with a lot of baggaeg- even though they try to pre-screen. But I'm not hearing similar reports from YWAM, Aquire the Fire, Fire School, BRSM, Catch The Fire College, BSSM, Christ for the Nations and so on. The problem is systemic, and you are correct MORE systematic research needs to be done.

  6. Nothing in the above posts have convinced me of the deception you are trying to pull off. IHOP is obviously NOT your cup of Tea! So what! What about the peoples choice and their sin? That has yet to be discussed!You have obviously been hurt and have become offended by IHOP and Mike Bickle. My question is have you gone to the people at IHOP and talked to them about this or are you just posting your bitterness? Jesus wanted us to be people of reconciliation and love..... Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your mind, and with all your soul and Love your Neighbor as yourself. See I see Mikes teaching as doing that very thing. I personally know people who have been L
    involved with IHOP for years. Some very high up involved and some not so involved and I have only seen hearts of humility and Love. Not to mention a total closeness with the Lord. I have listened to Mikes Messages and they are good teachings nothing like what this blog page talks of AND NO I am not being deceived.I do know that Jesus would come and tell the people of this web site to focus on HIM and Not to fix your eyes on people's problems....... Cuz that's when we get OFF. Blessings and prayers for this blog to spread the Fragrance of Jesus not the Stench of Fear cuz Fear IS NOT from Jesus,the Father, or the Holy Spirit.

    1. Dear Anonymous, Perhaps when YOU come out into the light from your "starry -eyed" prayer-furnace experience, you might fall flat on your feet and give your therapist your real name. Sorry to burst your bubble, but the real-world is FULL of ministers. The stench of fear is with those who remain in anonymity due to their cowardness to confront that which is a lie. I hope to God you find freedom. You may see things from a different view in 5 years. Peace.

    2. "...Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your mind, and with all your soul and Love your Neighbor as yourself.

      The verse does have, ...with ALL your mind.....

      That does not relieve us of being un-educated about the truth of Gods Word....


  7. "You have obviously been hurt and have become offended by IHOP and Mike Bickle."

    You are not a very good amateur therapist nor are you a prophet.
    That makes you totally out of line. Please don't post here again until you say you're sorry. Thanks.

  8. The impression that is left from your blog is that these testimonies are the universal experience of ones associated with IHOP. That is not the case at all. For the one or two whose experience has been negative, There are dozens whose experience with IHOP has been positive, who have found Bickle's teachings on intimacy with Christ, Alan Hood's Christology, David Slikers survey of the Bible, and classes by other exemplary teachers such as Matt Chandler both edifying and liberating.
    In a spirit of fairness would it not be appropriate to include some positive testimonies of ones who prospered under the IHOP ministry. believe me there are those who have found the IHOP program and teaching to be trulylife transforming; we have some IHOPU grads presently serving at the Prayer Furnace. Everyone of them is serving with excellence. At the very least it would be to the glory of God to see how He is able to work in spite of the failings of less than perfect humans.

  9. I can and will testify. I was involved with my then to be fiance back in 2000-2004. The effects of what we learned 7 continued to treap after going to the annual conferences would, in the end, be part of the demise of our marriage. After 11 years, my husband sufficiently began hiding horrible internet "junk" from me, and later, months later, when I would find it, he would tell me all things were "episodic" and he had "dealt with this with God" on his own. I will never know the end or depths of his addiction, only that he erected a huge wall between himself and me for 9 out of the 11 years we were together. He became very wayward & disenchanted and lost when we did not go to anymore conferences or seminars. (I believe this led to his internet "trash" addiction). His mother continued to attend, and pressured us into going still.She stopped after a while, but continued to prophesy over our children - her grandchildren, and still will "force" them into telling her if they "see" anything or have "visions" while worshiping. I believe my ex has asked her to just let them play music and leave it at that. We were married young - age 18 & 19, and based our wedding on Psalm 45. The problem? My ex and I had no relationship. I thought we did, but he was bred for ministry. He chose the ministry over me, and that's fine, except that a husband's first ministry is to his family. He continued to attend school to pursue his "calling" of being a full time music minister, while I worked full time, had our three children & my family forked over money when we didn't have any. His mother & mine helped to bridge the gap while he was away "studying" with his younger, single, childless peers. I asked him when he graduated if I could go back to school...he agreed, however, I had to get all scholarship money , it had to work around our family's schedule, etc... All the fine print that he never had to abide by. Long story short? I prayed. I went back to a Catholic Private school for free for one term before he (the now ex) found it to be too much for himself to bear to be on the sidelines. He looked for an out of state job, in the ministry, got it, and again told me our family's fate was MY choice - hmmm, well, gee, who gets to argue with the "call of God" ? We went , things fell apart, I've documented more than enough to compose a thesis on this. When I look at this, I will warn anyone that a marriage based in or out of or soley on such a facade WILL fail, unless both people come out & go through some serious counseling & decide how to make a life TOGETHER for the better.

  10. IHOP is not only Kansas issue, IMO. I live in Poland, and I’m part of (some details below) of community which is really deeply fascinated by IHOP and Mike Bickle and his teachings… I’d dare to say he became kind of ‘guru’ actually, absolute authority for us (or for them, as I started not to identify with the community any longer).
    The dream of most of members is to visit IHOP in Kansas – and many of them did it (despite of extraordinary costs, ruining home budget of some). Moreover I know one girl which has been staying there for long time. But not being able to be there we can also mimic IHOP locally: so we have our own ‘houses of prayers’, long-term fasts, night prayers, all we read Bickle’s books and listen to IHOP alike preachings (last year, just few months ago I heard all this stuff about “bridal paradigm”, however none called it like this). Of course this is not only Bickle influence, as we have lot of other stuff like ministry for dreams interpretation (as aftermath of visits of John Paul Jackson), prophecy trainings, all these supernatural things, etc.
    I’m not a theologian, but my knowledge of the Scripture, my personal experience of God, etc – all they make me feel very uncomfortable here. So, why I’m still here? The answer is just simple: my wife (and my wife’s family) is really deeply involved in all the community matters and I’m just her companion right now (but no one is aware of it). Of course (!) I cannot share my concerns with anybody. Or better to say - I don't want to do it anymore. Why? The point is that all the people I know in the community are unconditionally devoted to the teachings disseminated by leaders, which are ‘fans’ of all this stuff nicely pointed out in the header of your blog. So it’s really hard - no concerns, no discussion, either just individual thinking – so if I have any doubts – the worse to me then. I feel really sick to hear ‘I’m not keeping up’, I don’t have ‘proper understanding’, I’m judging people and so. Or – I’m not enough ‘mature Christian’ to follow it yet…
    The bad and sad thing is that despite of seeing it all I’m still inside it, being mentally and spiritually exhausted, feeling sick of pretending I’m still part of it - and being aware that otherwise I may lose my wife and my family, as the leaders in the community have much bigger authority to her than I. And she always can be told I’m just deceived.

    1. John Paul Jackson was one of the "Kansas City Prophets" back in the early days. Interesting to see how all of this ties in whith the current day NAR.

  11. I joined IHOP after college. I was on staff for 7 years, serving in various capacities. I'm now an atheist. I don't credit IHOP for this; the blame rests more squarely with my college ministry training, combined with life experiences and intense study. I will say I struggled a lot with depression, until I left IHOP. I do credit IHOP with wasting my 20s, suckering me to blow my youth, and setting me to face my 30s with college-level poverty. I'm 10 years behind my non-IHOP friends, financially speaking. What does a full time IHOPer make? I averaged less than $700/month. And I was spiritually, emotionally, and relationally starved, too. So glad I'm out. It's been a little over a year and I'm still recovering.

  12. Where in the Word does it describe that a life dedicated to the Lord will produce a problem-free existence with no challenges and struggles? From what I can see, almost all the individuals who fully dedicated their lives to a deeper relationship to Jesus and a commitment to spreading the message of salvation experienced INTENSE struggle. The disciples who dedicated their lives to the Lord's work were poisoned, crucified upside-down, dragged by horses, stoned to death, banished to deserted islands, imprisoned for no legitimate reason, etc. They were not focused or concerned with their comfort, and actually rejoiced in sharing in the sufferings of Christ. Our present culture promotes and unrealistically expects a worry-free existence, especially for those dedicated to faith. If anything goes wrong in their lives it's the church's fault. This is false doctrine and outright deception.

    "But if you have bitter jealousy and selfish ambition in your hearts, do not boast and be false to the truth. This is not the wisdom that comes down from above, but is earthly, unspiritual, demonic. For where jealousy and selfish ambition exist, there will be disorder and every vile practice." - James 3:14-16

    "But understand this, that in the last days there will come times of difficulty. For people will be lovers of self, lovers of money, proud, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, heartless, unappeasable, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not loving good, treacherous, reckless, swollen with conceit, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, having the appearance of godliness, but denying its power. Avoid such people." - 2 Timothy 3:1-5

    “Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I have come to turn a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law— a man’s enemies will be the members of his own household.’ “Anyone who loves their father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; anyone who loves their son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me. Whoever does not take up their cross and follow me is not worthy of me. Whoever finds their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life for my sake will find it." Matthew 10:34-39

  13. Tim,
    your quote from 1 Tim 3:1-5 reminds me of some of the suspect qualities we find in so many of the false prophets that I have met on my 35 year journey with the Lord. I've never been a part of IHOP but am well acquainted with what goes on in NAR style settings.

    We have an NAR 'church' here in Australia where I live, and I have seen some quasi-cultish behaviour exhibited at that venue for months on end last year. Some of it was done to young people under the guise of an "internship" too. Readers beware!

    These people are no different from the false prophets of Matthew 7, nor are they true ministers of the true Gospel of salvation by faith, through grace either. You have to give money (wads of it) in order to get 'blessed' ,spend inordinate amounts of time fasting, praying, and helping these 'ministries' build their own kingdoms, (a doctrine of works?) and feather their own nests.

    Jesus taught us how to live in Matthew 5, 6 and 7, but at the end of that sermon on the mount, is a dire warning about false prophets. We cannot take one part of the Word of God and forget the warnings further in, otherwise our walk with the Lord may well end up on the rocks, not standing on the Rock - Jesus Christ.

    Your other quote from James also applies to these people - it is they who have vain ambition to build up a following (the NAR movement worldwide, ) which borders on the tens of millions at least,) and these same people are fleecing the flock so they can rake in the money. This will only end in their ruin as Paul so ably puts it in:

    "For the love of money is the root of all evil; and while some have coveted after it, they have erred from the faith and pierced themselves through with many sorrows." 1 Tim 6:10

    It's been often quoted in relation to these 'false profit' ministries, but largely ignored by them. they are like Balaam another false prophet, who loved money more than God or the people of God.

    We need to heed the warnings of scripture, and take seriously the honest, open, genuine accounts of the sheep listed above, who have been thoroughly ravaged by these end time wolves. We need to be harsh on the false shepherds and hirelings, but also be gentle with the sheep who are obviously hurting, after their ungodly ordeals, perpetrated on them by so called men and women of God.

    To shift the blame from the leadership and onto the congregation has been an age-old tactic of every false prophet and false ministry in town. Some of these poor people may never experience a 'deeper life with God', so don't go blaming them for the errors of the people who dragged them into it. The leaders did what they did with their eyes wide open. Ignorant sheep mostly go in with their eyes wide shut!

  14. I have visited Ihop more than once. It can serve the body of Christ well for those who want to come there and worship and pray any time night or day away from work and obligations to fit their schedule in life. The staff and worship teams serve the larger body of Christ in Kansas City by facilitating a 24 hour house of prayer and worship that no one church can do. As far as a life dedicated to being on the ihop staff, ihop might often best serve young believers that are yet unmarried or for those dedicated to devoting a season of their life when they can serve as ihop staff members. If persons are not finding a healthy balance in their time devoted there, it can become irresponsible and even selfish of them concerning their other duties with the commitments they have in life. Is that always going to be ihops fault when people go way out of balance with ihop? I can see where the individual needs to have the wisdom to work out that balance with time devoted to ihop. Some people may be obsessive with the ihop experience because they are compulsive and obsessive by nature and that isn't ihops fault I don't think.


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