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IHOP and Apostolic Keys

"Some advocate the recognition of contemporary apostles and use the term apostolic. They believe church bodies that do so have moved closer to the New Testament ideal of ministry." Assemblies of God position paper refuting the office of Apostles and Prophets.

The IHOP - Apostolic/Prophetic term Apostolic Keys is a reference to Peter's confession in Matthew 16, where Jesus says to Peter that "I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom." Roman Catholics have understood this "Apostolic Authority" to be applied to their Popes, those in the Apostolic/Prophetic apply this to their ruling apostles, most evangelical groups, including the A/G, maintain that the Office of the Apostle is no more; the canon has been closed. In this paradigm, having the Apostolic Keys (Authority) gives that person ruling authority over others within their "sphere" and of course increased power over principalities, powers, and rulers of darkness. Binding and loosing is also in the job description. One with apostolic keys can speak on behalf of God, and can "decree" or "mandate" things within the church and over others.

In the attached video, David Bradshaw and Randy Martinez of the Frederickburg Prayer Furnace speak of a campus meeting they recently held in my hometown. We are told that "there must have been fifteen or more leaders of ministries in the Harrisonburg region...that stood up and said 'We're in, we're going to do this, build day and night prayer,' and then we just laid hands on them and the fire of God fell"....."And then we mandated them in, I really feel like God released Apostolic Keys to these leaders." "Yeah, it was so significant."

In Mike Bickle's world, Apostles are needed to lead the end-time Joel's Army as the church battles and overcomes during the end-times, including the tribulation. Bickle feels so strongly about this that he has branded his version of historical pre-mill (post-trib) eschatology as "Apostolic Premillennialism." One tutorial on the "Harp and Bowl" method of prayer (the method practiced at IHOP) states this dominionist perspective quite succintly: "It is our destiny and purpose to be extensions of God's rule in the earth.... He desires to rule THROUGH US. He desires to grant apostolic authority - His rule - to His church. He wants to extend His scepter of righteousness through us. That scepter is bestowed and utilized as we take up the ministry of the harp of praise, and the bowl of prayer and intercession. Then through the authority of righteousness we will reign on the earth - extending his rule as "the fullness of Him who fills all in all. "

In the Apostolic/prophetic "Apostolic Keys" can also speak of those entrusted with "revelation knowledge of the mysteries of His Messianic Kingdom that would enable them to fully preach the Gospel of the King, disciple cities and nations, and also build and govern His Church." link A more traditional view of the Apostle (or one working with an apostolic gifting) is that they build (plant) churches. This also works well with the IHOP pattern of establishing a "24/7 house of prayer" under the guise of people from churches in a community coming together to pray, because inevitably they end up forming a church built around that house of prayer, and many people leave their respective original churches.

So we have many possibilities. Concerning the premise that God "released Apostolic Keys" at this meeting, and of this event David Bradshaw said "Yeah, it was so significant" one has to wonder what this is really all about. Again- God released "Apostolic Keys" to these various ministry leaders in my town and it was "so significant." Would it be unfair to ask "what does it mean?" Tags: Harrisonburg, JMU-HOP, jmuhop, theprayerfurnace, Fredericksburg Prayer Furnace, 24-7 Virginia, Chi Alpha, IHOP, David Bradshaw, Scott Bradshaw, Bowie Curry, Randy Martinez, Mark Kazmier, FPF Missions Base, The Prayer Furnace, The Burn, The Burn Service, Solemn Assembly, Prayer Room, Campus Strike Force


  1. What is an apostle or a prophet but one that is hated?

    It is my understanding that they believe being an apostle or a prophet is something to desire to be and attain to become.

    However as it is now referred to, being an "apostle" is essentially a political position in which to govern.

    What I mean to say is that they have taken the truth of being used as a vessel of the Spirit, and the place of being a servant to all and turned it into a pursuit of power and fame.

    May the Lord have mercy on all of us that call upon his name and may he correct that which has been twisted.

    (I thank you the Lord for you Bill. I appreciate your insightful writing and understanding of these situations.)

  2. At Onething 2010, Kansas City, December 31, 2011. Lou Engle, speaking of HOP gatherings:

    "You're gathering around the throne, the assembly of heaven, and there, you're going to release rulership"

    Lou Engle, speaking of church

    "You're going the the assembly of rulership in your city."

    It appears that Mike Bickle's vision of the "city church" which Ernie Gruen confronted many years ago is still alove and well. Engle admits that we will not exercise total dominion until Jesus returns, but he clearly has a dominionist agenda.

  3. In case you were wondering about Bradshaw's statement:

    “And then deliverance broke out: for self hatred, sexual immorality, the anti-christ spirit, there was just the Holy Spirit was present to deliver these kids, demons were coming out...”

    I’m all for deliverance, although I hesitate to attribute to demons when carnal sin in Christians is being dealt with. But I do not know the particulars, so that gets a free pass. However what is the deal with deliverance from the anti-christ spirit?
    Apparently this is Apostolic/Prophetic speak for the old charismatic term, used in a derogatory manner again those who were not spirit-filled- a “religious spirit.”
    In the A/P, someone with an antichrist spirit is anyone who does not embrace fully their style of charismania.
    So, apparently, if you came to the FPF meeting – as a Christian – and determined that your previous thoughts and ideas about this stuff were wrong- the explanation would be that you had an anti-Christ spirit and the demons needed to be cast out.

    My friend Craig explains it best:

  4. You're a scoffer, man. Please don't be like that.

  5. Scoffer? Please explain.

    I'm rather dense, you know.

    Concerning the premise that God "released Apostolic Keys" at this meeting, and of this event David Bradshaw said "Yeah, it was so significant" one has to wonder what this is really all about.

    So tell me.

  6. Mark,are you with FPF and are you an intern?

    By the way, scoffer is a commonly used term in IHOP and by their associates for anyone who does not agree with their ideas.

    I too would like to know what they actually meant by the terminology David used in the video. From what I have heard, FPF does believe in new Apostles coming forth and being released. Please correct me if I am mistaken in that understanding.

  7. Well, scoffer is far nicer than saying "you have an antichrist spirit" which is the other expression.

    I seriously do not understand why folks in this movement cannot discuss things. We need to bring clarity to the discussion.

    I'll just assume this was a prayer-room drive by.

  8. Re: the use of the IHOP term "Scoffer."

    Those who control the information control the person. In a mind control cult any information from outside the cult is considered evil, especially if it is opposing the cult. Members are told not to read it or believe it. Only information supplied by the cult is true. One cult labels any information against it as "persecution" or "spiritual pornography", another cult calls it "apostate literature" and will expel you from the group if you are caught with it. Cults train their members to instantly destroy any critical information given to them, and to not even entertain the thought that the information could be true.

  9. Bill,
    Very Helpful Site, thank you!
    Also, those who come against you are brainwashed and can't think for themselves and choose not to, they have no life plan; come out of a cult so know about defending the lie. People are supporting these people's lifestyles/business and living their life through them (being kept, poor, broke, stupid-sorry to say).

    Majority, don't read their Bible and it's like they're following the pied piper hopefully not over the cliff and into hell.

    You finally leave when you metaphorically see them kill (destroy, berate, annihilate, verbally abuse someone); or you know they're watching you with their spies and report back. Amazing how much abuse we will put up with! Got unbrainwashed and thought for myself-finally!

  10. Have any of you guys actually met with any of these guys you're talking about? Ever voice your concerns directly to them?

    I've met them and they DO love the Lord and DO move in the Holy Spirit. I may not agree with everything they do, but it's hard to argue with people being healed from various infirmities and coming to Christ from former lives mired in drugs and fornication.

  11. Yes, I actually know one of these guys, know his father, mother, aunt, 2 grandfathers and a grandmother as well and have so since about 1975. I've sat in perhaps hundreds of meeting with his father, the leader of the prayer furnace.

    I know at least two other persons who were at the meeting in question. Neither has shed any light on the topic of apostolic keys.

    I have no desire to "argue" with anyone over this, but rather to engage in coversation to see if there is a "more excellent way." My venue is this blog. So...

    Can you possibly tell us what it means to "bestow apostolic keys?" Simple question. Elusive answer.

  12. In response to a private inquiry, the sentence:

    "This also works well with the IHOP pattern of establishing a "24/7 house of prayer" under the guise of churches in a community coming together to pray, because inevitably they end up forming a church built around that house of prayer, and take people from those sponsoring churches."

    has been revised to

    "This also works well with the IHOP pattern of establishing a "24/7 house of prayer" under the guise of people from churches in a community coming together to pray, because inevitably they end up forming a church built around that house of prayer, and many people leave their respective original churches."

    to more accurately communicate my thoughts.

    I hope to bring the dialogue public as we strive to find out what is meant by "the bestowing of apostolic keys."

  13. I know the FPF has started 3-4 house churches that have drawn people from other churches. At this time there are no plans to consolidate them into one.

  14. William, you are NOT trying to bring a subject public, in order to gain understanding about anything. You have a personal vendetta against these people who you know personally. And, you are TOO OLD to be behaving in this wicked, adolescent manner. Whatever they meant by apostolic keys is completely irrelevant. You have used this blog to malign and insult them with ABSOLUTELY NO evidence at all. For instance, you have no basis to say that they will demonized a person as having the anti-Christ spirit, simply because they don't hold to their "style of charismania". Did they explain it as thus, when they called it out? You have this burning lust to condemn these brothers due to the strife and pride in your heart and are nitpicking at a term (apostolic keys), which you admit that you are unclear of its meaning. Also, all the others that are agreeing with you are moving in your same contentious spirit without feeling the need to give ANY evidence. This is wickedness before God.

  15. Dear "servant"

    Thank you for your kind words. You know, I have one critic who is unhappy because he thinks I don't know these people, and another who is unhappy because I know one of these people.

    One thing is certain; you do not know my heart.

    Perhaps you would care to explain the bestowing of apostolic keys, if you have a clue. I'm guessing you don't. It's a simple question and all the replies so far have not been gentle words but rather unseemly wrath. Speaks volumes, I think.

    Blessings on you.

  16. I have often wondered where many of these terms come from scripturally? As a Christian for over 40+ years and a Pentecostal one at that, I have never read these ideas from Gods Holy Word.

    Why is it that we make up so many "new words" and theologies above and beyond what has been written? Why is it that many who have gone through bible school or seminary, learning proper hermeneutics, throw it out the door and go beyond what is written?

  17. Anon,

    Since even after several personal communications with FPF leadership no one is able to provide simple explanations of "Apostolic keys" or "Mandating God," I am now lead to conclude that these terms mean nothing and are simply used for dramatic effect. You know, it sounds mysterious, sort of like calling out anti-christ spirits in a room full of Christians.

    2 Tim 4:3
    For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but wanting to have their ears tickled, they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance to their own desires


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