Friday, April 08, 2011

Mike Bickle Second Home?

Last month an anonymous poster on our Kansas City Finances article stated "Even when I find out (that) Mike and Dianne (Bickle) had another home huge home in Belton I stayed quiet." Elsewhere in the blogosphere I found a similar comment: "Oh yes and I know Mike Bickle does own another house in Belton that was exposed about 2 years ago but it is all hush hush nobody goes against speaking about Mike." This comment has since been removed from that site, perhaps by the poster. So why mention this? I think it points out one of the weaknesses of the internet- in that stuff is repeated without verification. After a while, it becomes fact. Why would this be a big deal in the first place? Defenders of Mike Bickle make a big point of his austerity. Look at some of these quotes:
"I have lived in simplicity all my adult life and love it," he says, adding he gives away hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual income from his books and tapes. He and his wife live in a nearby duplex, and he raises about $35,000 as an annual salary from friends and supporters. Those earnings, he says, are supplemented by his wife's earnings as a real estate agent. "I want to live as minimally as possible" he says, "to give more away." "Opulence is not part of his message. Bickle and his wife live in a modest duplex on Calico Drive near IHOP. He drives a Toyota."Mike believes he has to live simply if he's going to attract young people," said Hall." "One look at the IHOP director’s closet-size office or modest duplex house (shared with his mother-in-law) and it’s obvious he isn’t too concerned about prestige, money or fame."
The last quotation is from a recent article in Charisma Magazine. If there was any credibility to the assertions of a second more lavish house, it would make it appear that the Calico Drive house was just a front. And some would find that disturbing. What do we know? Diane Bickle is president of Glad Heart Properties, Inc (Mike was Vice-President through 2008) and it is very likely that Glad Heart owns dozens of residences as investment properties. So it would not be unusual to find out that they owned more than one residence. The question is not ownership, the question is use. Mike and Diane Bickle listed a duplex at 813 Cimmarron Trail in Belton, Mo, as their residence on corporation documents (Glad Heart) from 2000 through 2008. In 2009, they switched the address to a duplex 11300 Calico Drive, Kansas City, Mo., which is just a few minutes from the prayer room. Tax records indicate that this duplex (Calico) is owned by Diane and Mike Bickle. Reportedly the mother-in-law shares this duplex with them. The Belton duplex appears slightly larger than the Calico duplex, both appear to be modest residences as reported. So, as the police would say: "move along, nothing to see here." If indeed is was EXPOSED about 2 years ago that the Bickle's maintain a huge home in Belton, it wasn't EXPOSED too well, because the information is not available. If someone has credible information, come forth. Otherwise, let us not be distracted by such accusations, stop repeating the stories, and turn our attention to where it belongs- doctrine and practice.


  1. Well said!

  2. Second home? Who cares. Every single one of us lives prosperously. What did you eat today, look at the clothes in your wardrobe, and heavens maybe you drive a nice car...compared to somebody else who doesn't even have one. Stick to the teaching and doctrine, not the man himself.

  3. I agree. Which is why I would like to put this rumor to rest, if it is a rumor.

    OTOH, if Bickle is using the Calico Drive home as a front, it would call into question the many assertions of modest living.

  4. I live on the edge of Belton. The "giant home" in Belton, spoken of in this article is actually only half of an old and slightly dumply duplex. It was bought for around $30,000 in the mid 90s. It is in a dumpy neighborhood. Use Google street view to see if what I am saying is correct.

  5. Richard,
    I believe the author of this blog is referring to a different home - not the duplex near Richard's Gebauer air force base. The second home Bickle is rumored to have would be far more lavish.

  6. The point of the article was to show how one should always vet comments posted. There was some chatter on the internet about a 2nd lavish home. There is not, nor has there been, such a home. So, as the police would say: "move along, nothing to see here."

    Furthermore, Cass County records show that since this article was written, the Belton residence has been sold.

    I'll keep the article up in case the rumor surfaces again.

    1. Could I ask why this article leads it's readers to believe that Mike makes $35k as an annual salary derived from donations but the non-profit tax form 990, filed with the IRS, indicates he also receives over $89k each year from IHOP affiliated businesses? I thought he was rumored to say he makes all his income from donations. Please see secation VII of the most recent tax documents online and clarify if possible. Thanks.


  7. My God , does anyone here even know Bickle ,and since ihop in 99 doesnt count. this is the dream ,richard- again you are a pawn ,wake up buddy your defense is flimsy false and inaccurate ,but you do work there. Bickle would be proud of you will have the pictures of the houses and his cars and Richard maybe a picture of you. Give me a couple days as I rember working on the house ,oh yeah I forgot to mention that. I to see you soon. Turn away ,your house of lies will fall and were will you be?


  8. Your lying or just stupid Richard , I will be posting pictures on in a few days ,as I find his address from when I worked on his house and not the $35,000 one. Richard ,what do you gave to gain supporting something your scared to researched and use discernment. You are being deceived a man. God warned us about this, Have you no shame?

  9. Anon, I thought the article made it pretty clear that they 35K figure was a quote from a defender. And the intent of the article was not to document his salary.

    Kansas City finances were discussed in another article, although the info is now dated.

  10. Nullify, please be kind.
    Yes, let us know when you have some documentation on hand. Thanks!


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