Monday, April 04, 2011

The Seamy Underbelly of the Elijah List

Perhaps some of my readers are yet unaware of the Elijah List, an Internet posting site for prophecies from within the Apostolic/Prophetic movement. It is the place to go to read prophecies about things such as earthquakes AFTER the fact. And generally so vague that they could fit just about anything. Along with the usual "new breed" "new thing" prophetic words, sometimes there are very bold warnings. I recall a multitude of such prophecies before the supposed Y2K computer/civilization meltdown. My claim to fame is that they did not publish the prophetic word I submitted, which in a nutshell stated "Nothing is going to happen." For a prophetic bunch, they have so little discernment. (Amazingly, I made the same statement on a Y2K panel at a major national engineering conference and the "word" was well received.) On the Elijah List, there is no accountability. After the election in November 2004, Bill Yount proclaimed "I Saw Angels Turning Cartwheels Over the Nation's Capitol, Shouting...'WE ARE ON A HOLY ROLL!'" Yount goes on to state:
A vote for righteousness on November 2nd seemed to shake down an avalanche of angels over Washington D.C. as the White House began to be decorated with yellow-gold ribbons. I heard the Father proclaiming, "Salvation is coming to My House... The White House will become a Light House with a burning fire, branding nations for eternity during the next four years!" I believe we will see a whole nation born again in one day in the next four years somewhere in the earth!
At last count, the Elijah List has published more than 50 words from Yount since that time. And the generic excuse offered? Steve Shultz, the editor of the Elijah List, thinks that we simply need the so-called "Issachar anointing."
"If one has this Issachar anointing, it makes for a very accurate prophet, especially as it relates to timing. Timing is the hardest thing for most prophets and prophetic people to get right." -Steve Shultz
Speaking of "accurate" prophets, Bob Jones has had more than 100 words published on the Elijah List. Shultz says that Jones is a "high level" prophet. And he is revered by such A/P notables as Rick Joyner, Todd Bentley, Patricia King and Mike Bickle. So I was much amused last fall when Jones has this to say in his annual "Shepherd's Rod" prognostication, given on the Day of Atonement.
"The next thing He [God] said is that there had been a delay. That He gave promises 2 and 3 years ago. If you have got the 08 Shepherd's Rod, He said to re-do this year in the Shepherd's Rod. Several things in the Shepherd's Rod is going to come forth. One thing that is strong in the Shepherd's rod is that the women are going to come forth. Another way is a carpet is laid in the desert to get you out of the desert."
This is the prophetic equivalent of a "get out of Jail Free" card, and is akin to the classic self-verifying "Thus saith the Lord, hear the words of my servant, for he is speaking my word." Who can argue with that? Obviously, the Elijah List is just publishing these so-called prophecies, which brings up the question of what is the nature of prophecy for today. The operative phrase is "Foretelling vs. Forthtelling." I will go with forthtelling, thank you. The emphasis on foretelling- without accountability - is probably the major thing wrong with the Apostolic/Prophetic movement's embrace of the prophetic today. Leaving aside the arguments about what to do with "false prophets," it would be nice to hear at least one of them say "I screwed up, I was wrong." The Elijah list has brought a lot of publicity to the prophets, and the prophets have brought a lot of profit to the Elijah list.
"What I do wish, if anything, is that the Truth would be revealed. I would hope that the Holy Spirit would convict those who need it, that they would repent and get right with God and, either step down, or start being True Prophets. But most of all, I would also hope that all who read this would have their eyes opened and that they would be made free from this growing deception." -Kevin Kleint
Kevin Klient worked for the Elijah List for seven years. Kevin says "The very day that I walked away from the Elijah List and the prophetic movement, the Blessing of God came back to my house." I would invite you to read Kevin's story and consider the nature of this movement for yourself.

Septemebr 2012- Update to this story.

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  1. Very well put. Thanks for the information. I may use as references to my own investigation and Biblical comparison.

  2. Very sad...judging those you do not know...a greater sin ...are you perfect? I know several of those you mentioned intimately and oh how they love Jesus and the body of Christ...judge not and you will not be judged. Grace Grace

  3. Of course it won't be approved bcuz I disagree

  4. I was part of Hyper-charismania for 25 -odd years and have had hands laid on by the best of them. But don't take my word for it, read Kevin Klient's article.

  5. Very sad...judging those you do not know...a greater sin ...are you perfect? I know several of those you mentioned intimately and oh how they love Jesus and the body of Christ...judge not and you will not be judged. Grace Grace

    First of all, those that this site are judging, the "church" is given the right to do according to 1 Cor 5:12 What business is it of mine to judge those outside the church? Are you not to judge those inside?

    Secondly, those that are being critiqued by this an many other such ministries are speaking in to the public via public vehicles so they have just as much right to judge the teaching by being Berean as the next gut. Here is a good article about critiqing others...



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