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IHOP - The Gatekeeper Anointing

In recent weeks I've been hearing about the so-called "Gatekeeper Anointing" which apparently is southern-talk for the being a "forerunner," a term from IHOP-KC that we are all more familar with. Billy Humphrey  of  IHOP-Atlanta writes on the "Gatekeeper Anointing" in this blog post first published in 2003. It no doubt is the doctrinal underpinning for the more radical gatekeeper teachings coming out of Atlanta today.

The "gatekeepers" believe thay have control over access to God. The bible tells us in Hebrews 10 that all Christians have access to "enter the holy place by the blood of Jesus,  by a new and living way which He inaugurated for us through the veil, that is, His flesh."  Anything which promises a higher level of access mocks the blood of Jesus.

Humphrey's thesis is that God is raising up a Levitical Priesthood at IHOP- Atlanta.. He claims  "the Lord showed me regarding modern day Gatekeepers and their role as it relates to the great revival to come" and proceeds to quote 1 Chronicles 9 which states:

23 So they and their children were in charge of the gates of the house of the LORD, the house of the tabernacle, by assignment. 24 The gatekeepers were assigned to the four directions: the east, west, north, and south. 25 And their brethren in their villages had to come with them from time to time for seven days. 26 For in this trusted office were four chief gatekeepers; they were Levites. And they had charge over the chambers and treasuries of the house of God.

To make it clear, Humphrey is claiming direct revelation from God which shows him that he and many of his disciples at IHOP are to function as gatekeepers in the manner above. I should mention that the corporate name of IHOP-Atlanta is "Gatekeepers International, Inc."

They believe that they are crucial to what God is doing- that they (not God) will bring revival. This ties in with the IHOP teaching of Harp and Bowl, and Mike Bickle's "changed Christianity in one generation." It is important to note that Bickle does not think Harp and Bowl is A WAY of prayer and worship, it is THE GOD-ORDAINED WAY that God revealed to Mike Bickle in order to accomplish His purposes in these end-times.

Gatekeepers obviously have keys. This possibly explains why the regional IHOP franchise came to my community and anointed/decreed a former campus pastor with "Apostolic Keys." I suppose those with Apostolic Keys not only control the gates, but do so with Apostolic authority. And great power.

"As we unveil the symbolism of the flour, wine and oil we see that Gatekeepers are directly involved with not only preparing for the new move of the Spirit of God which will see massive signs and wonders and salvations, but also furnishing these things or bringing them forth."

So the gatekeepers are instrumental in bringing on the "great end-times revival." Without them, God's hands are tied. They furnish the outpouring of the Holy Spirit (wine) and the Anointing of God (oil).

And he makes the IHOP case for so-called "prayer missionaries":

"Finally, the scripture declares that some of the gatekeepers were singers who were free from other duties and they were employed in intercession and worship to the Lord day and night. God provided that the Gatekeepers could live lifestyles of prayer, worship and service night and day before Him. Comparable to this today is the prayer movement that God is raising up across the nations where people are supported as full-time prayer missionaries to pray in the great revival that is to come."

 This, of course, is the justification for not working, and living off the backs of other, less-elite, Christians. Or mom and dad. But these are powerful, elite Christians, whom we should support.

"God is recoiling in power at the prayers of these modern day Gatekeepers in order to explode in a blast of His power so stunning that the entire world will experience it (Acts 2:17). His Glory will visit and engulf the entire planet just as waters cover the sea. (Hab 2:14)"

God "recoiling." I'd like to see that.

Ernie Gruen's charges of "elitism" still stands, even if Bickle says he repented. This is why Gruen's document remains important today. Twenty-two years after Mike Bickle acknowledged the problem, the problem remains - regardless of any understanding that Gruen and Bickle came to.

Humphrey concludes:

"I pray that this revelation will grip your heart as it has gripped mine. Perhaps you too, are a Gatekeeper, called to open the presence of God in your region. I believe that the Lord is raising up an army of Gatekeepers to open the Gates in these last days for the revival to come. It is overwhelming to consider that the Lord has given us  the dignity of having intimate relationship and even further, partnership with Him. As people in partnership with the Un-Created God we need to leave the entrapments of this world and give ourselves in passion and recklessness to His purposes. It is those who live lives of lovesick abandonment who will enter in to the reality of complete commitment to Him and His purposes."

As with all error, there is some truth in what Humphrey says. I too long to see people, by the mercies of God, to present their bodies as a sacrifice – alive, holy, and pleasing to God. The problem is Humphrey's "gatekeeper revelation," the basis of his ministry, which came to him not with a study of the Word, but by direct revelation. We are told to test such revelation, and Humphrey's revelation fails in numerous ways.

1. It attempts to create an unauthorized New Testament Levitical priesthood.
2. It is based on the failed "Restoration of the Tabernacle of David" doctrine, and attempts to build that tabernacle by the hand of man.
3. It creates a elite class of believer.
4. It makes God powerless, and the elite powerful.
5. Without mentioning the Manifested Sons of God heresy, it builds on the same principles.

There is so much more to say, and I intend to do so in some future articles. As many who follow this blog may already know, the "Gatekeepers" have become militant, and are preparing to be temple guards.

To the Gatekeepers, I close with these words from the Apostle Paul:

"For through the grace given to me I say to everyone among you not to think more highly of himself than he ought to think.."

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Read "The Gatekeeper Anointing" by Billy Humphrey,
CEO of Gatekeepers International, Inc. d/b/a/ IHOP-ATLANTA


  1. Is this a group that I read about recently, that is also studing the martial arts as part of their program, thinking themselves as "warriors"? Is this just another name as well for the Joseph Company?

  2. This is more "Joel's Army". "Joseph Company" seeks to take over the market place and initiate a "great transfer of wealth" from the "world" into IHOP's coffers. This is just one facet of the Kingdom Dominion heresy.

  3. Stephanie Grant7/8/12, 1:31 AM

    I believe you are addressing me. I have never claimed to have more access to God than anyone. I think each person has a significant part to play in everything God wants to do. If you have any other statements about what you think I believe feel free to ask me personally.


  4. No, I'm addressing the movement and it's doctrines. And the point was not about access, but the doctrine of controlling acccess as taught by Billy Humphrey, Chad Swift and others. Part two of this article will be a real eye opener as we further discuss the future role of the "Gatekeeper."

  5. For anyone to be listed as above another with regards to Access to God, I’m thinking that is a little dreamlandish to say the least. The spiritual leaders of the time of Jesus of which he rebuked for their self righteousness, and self worth and pride. A relationship with him is ONE ON ONE. Not a special "Gatekeepers" who controls our access, to be the go between he and I that is a lot "Far Out". Why do we continue to chase after every wind of revival, why can't the Holy Spirit be the leader in this? Why can't we pray without ceasing in our prayer closets, just he and I, or he and you... I do commend the folks out there that want to see the movement of revival, let’s make sure we are following good sound doctrine, not just the "feel good" ideas. I will pray for God to give clear vision to this issue.

  6. One of the foundational "prophets" of the IHOP movement is Bob Jones. In 1988 Mike Bickle and Bob Jones recorded series of interviews called "Vision and Revelations."

    Bob Jones was talking about the "elect seed" that the Lord would bring forth. In response, Mike Bickle recounted a vision or encounter that Jones had.

    Mike Bickle said the Lord told Bob Jones "I'll cause 300,000 to bear a distinct anointing of leadership over the one billion." Mike continues:

    "I calculated that out and that is three anointed vessels in that distinct way for 10,000 people."

    "I will have 300,000 that will have a special measure of the spirit like the leaders of the New Testament."

    Of this "elect seed" that the Lord told Jones about, God said "They themselves will be the generation that's raised up to put death itself under their feet.."

    The essence of IHOP, right to its foundations, is that IHOP doctrine teaches an elitism, call it "gatekeepers" or "forerunners" that is repulsive and false. The only ones making the argument for a special anointing, an elect seed, are those who think they are the chosen.

    The rotten foundation of IHOP is based on the ministries of "prophet" Bob Jones, who had women stand before him naked so he could prophesy a pure unfiltered word to them, prophet "Augustine Alcala", a homosexual, and "prophet" Paul Cain, an alcoholic and pedophile sodomite.

    Although these men are gone, the doctrinal foundation they laid remains to this day. Few of these "elect seed"- the generation that Mike Bickle says is going to "change the expression of Christianity" even know about the real foundations of IHOP.

    While they have zeal, they lack understanding.

  7. A/G position paper on end times revival:

    "Manifest Sons of God and Joel’s Army. These are some of the names used to describe those who have
    caught the vision of the Kingdom Now and are actively at work seeking to overcome the opposition and declaring Christians who hold a biblical understanding of Christ’s imminent return at any time to be cowardly for not joining the “anointed,” as they sometimes call themselves.


    Check out the link above!

  9. The 2008 article has some useful informatin concerning some of the foundational prophets of IHOP. Note the that information on Lee Grady is dated; he later rejected Lakeland.

  10. The next installment is up, and you are not going to believe this. Or maybe you saw it coming...


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