Friday, September 07, 2012

IHOP - Brains on Fire

Mike Bickle testifies that, after years of “pretty boring” prayer, “a series of supernatural events and divine directives” caused him and twenty full time “intercessory missionaries” to launch the International House of Prayer, Kansas City, Kansas. These missionaries would commit to raise their own financial support and pray fifty-hours a week, one half of that time being spent in a central prayer room where intercession would be blended with musical worship. How did the music affect the “experience” of praying?

Bickle reports that since the blended worship started years ago, “the music has never stopped. We call that keeping the fire on the altar,” he relates. Misty Edwards, the most recognized worship leader at IHOP, testifies of the experience of leading twelve two-hour sets of prayer-music-worship each week for nine years: “In those early days, the music being related in our brains to fire was brilliant.

Read the entire article from Larry DeBruyn here.


  1. That whole article on music and worship (so called??) was indeed a sobering read.

    Thanks for linking it.

  2. A new book has been released that may be of interest. It is called HOUSE OF LIES by S.R.Claridge. Though it is a work of fiction, I believe you will find the content less than fictional. Names and events have been changed but the story is all-too-familiar for those of us who have experienced and/or witnessed the take-over efforts of the International House of Prayer movement. The book is described as a “political cult suspense” but for those of us here in the Grandview and KC area, it hits closer to home. The author has obvious insights into IHOP, and I pray her subtle efforts to bring awareness to the truth of what is happening in the inner workings of this organization will be eye-opening for many. I am supporting these efforts by contacting local churches and organizations and asking them to please read this book. It may ironically take a work of fiction to shed light on the truth.
    Please help spread the word. HOUSE OF LIES can be found on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords in Ebook, or you can pre-order a print copy due out later this month.
    If you have questions, please feel free to email me.
    Sincerely, Max

    1. David Johnson12/4/12, 4:53 PM

      I didn't write the above comment, not sure why my name is associated with it. I do know about this book but not sure who Max is or why my name is with his comment.


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