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IHOP - Sensual Teaching and Pratices Led to This

"I am not claiming that IHOP intends to promote a sexual Jesus, their motives may be pure. It is inescapable, however, that Mike Bickle paints such a sensual picture of Jesus through his allegorizing of the Song of Solomon that he feels obligated to warn us saying, “We are not to think of kissing Jesus on the mouth.” This warning is like the legal statements following television drug commercials – this may cause death or injury and the cure may be worse than the disease. The warning itself paints the picture. The Bible doesn’t need to warn Christians “not to think about kissing Jesus on the mouth” because the true teaching of Jesus doesn’t provoke these lusts."
-K. Jentoft                        

In light of the reports of religious sexual orgies in the home of  IHOPKC leader Tyler Deaton, the murder Bethany Deaton - that leader's wife (an IHOPU student), the attempt at a cover up - staging the murder as a suicide, and the confession of Micah Moore - another IHOPU student  (see here), we must ask:

Is there anything in the doctrine and practices of IHOP that led up to this?

IHOP, in its essence, is sensual. The language, the songs, the teachings all revolve around words like "intimacy," "ravished heart," "lovesick" and "Bridal paradigm." The "interns" at IHOP are subjected to a constant barrage of non-stop sensual music, with lyrics such as this:
I am lovesick, for my Beloved
My Beloved and my Friend
Only YOU can satisfy
And everyone's all-time favorite, Matt Gilman's "How He Loves Us."

So heaven meets earth like a sloppy wet kiss
And my heart turns violently inside of my chest
The IHOP interns must attend hours and hours of lengthy sessions in the 24/7 prayer room that features droning repetitive music such as this IHOP favorite by IHOP worship leader and board member Misty Edwards:

The prize for hypnotic (endless repetition) goes to Misy Edwards and her song "Heartbeat." This set went 24 minutes, and this is not atypical for the IHOP prayer room.

Since the prayer room goes on 24/7, the interns are often expected to be in that prayer rooms in the wee hours of the night. The community at IHOP also practices an extreme form of fasting.

Repetitive sensual music, excessive fasting, sleep deprivation - a recipe for disaster.  Throw in some aberrant teachings which emphasize a romantic relationship with God and you have IHOP in a nutshell.

Even back in 2009 we were hearing reports of men speaking of being "ravished in their hinder parts" by Jesus. While this may not be the viewpoint of leadership there, it reflects the sordid depravity behind the doctrine, and the logical end of such thinking.  Also in 2009 we had Lee Grady, editor of Charisma Magazine stating this:

"It won't be long before we see some Christians having sexual experiences at the altar."

But it is not like we did not see this coming.

In 2007, an associate of mine, Rev. Keith Gibson, of the Apologetics Resource Center, wrote an excellent article on the Bridal Paradigm as it is emerging in the Charismatic church today. His thesis is that "Truth, taken to an extreme, becomes heresy." I'm going to quote his article in depth, because I really can't improve on it.

The bridal paradigm is a teaching that the image of the Bride is the primary identity for the church, especially the church of this unique end-time generation. This teaching has strong dominion theology undertones as there is a strong emphasis on the Bride co-reigning with Christ. Esther is seen as a type of the end-time Church. The bridal paradigm becomes the grid through which all Scripture is interpreted and through which all spiritual activity is engaged.

Thus we have teachings like Bridal intercession, the Global Bridegroom fast, the cross in the bridal paradigm etc. All of the scripture is seen as the relentless pursuit of the heavenly lovesick groom for the bride of His hearts desire. This message truly stands the gospel on its ear. No longer is the emphasis on a God who is working for His own glory and displaying His majesty in redeeming a lost and unworthy humanity. Now the story of redemption is on God seeking a suitable mate for His Son with the cross being the dowry.

God is described as ”in-love”, lovesick, the passionate Bridegroom, or having a ravished heart. He is the Lover with fire in His eyes for His bride. The church is to respond in similar manner as we pray for our love to be awakened, to be ravished by the love of the Bridegroom etc. etc. Images and language from Song of Solomon abound.

This teaching, while drawing upon a legitimate metaphor and the language of Scripture, pushes the metaphor beyond the boundaries of its proper understanding leading to an improper and unbiblical picture of God and His relationship to the Church.

The first problem is the emphasis on the metaphor of the Bride to the exclusion of all other images used to describe the Church. Yes, the church is the Bride of Christ, but that is not all that is said of the Church. The Church is also called the Body (1 Cor. 12), the children of God (Eph 3:14, 1 Jn 3 and others), an olive tree (Rom. 11), a field (1 Cor. 3:6-9), a temple (1 Pet. 2:5), a royal priesthood (1 Pet. 2:9), a holy nation (1 Pet. 2:9), God’s house (Heb. 3:6), the flock of God (1 Pet. 5:2), and an inheritance (Eph. 1:18). And this is just for starters!! Consulting any good systematic theology book will yield a veritable host of metaphors, titles and images of the church. Therefore right from the beginning we should understand that any teaching that focuses almost exclusively upon one metaphor is necessarily out of balance. Each of these titles is meant to teach us some important truth concerning the people of God. We simply do not have the right to fixate upon one to the neglect of the others. We do not have the right to elevate one to the place of primary position and evaluate all of Scripture through this lense. In like manner, Jesus is the Bridegroom but that is not all that is said about Jesus. This teaching is out of balance.

The second issue is that, while it is true that the metaphor of the Bride is used for the church as a whole, this same metaphor is never used for the individual believer. This may seem minor at first but it is actually very significant. It is the entire church that is the Bride of Christ. Each believer is a part but is not the Bride. It would appear that many of the prophetic teachers either misunderstand this or choose to ignore it. Due to this confusion, many of the statements of the prophetic teachers cause Jesus to sound like our personal boyfriend instead of our Lord. I have shared before of the man who claimed that he held Jesus for the first 30 minutes of his quiet time and then had Jesus hold him for the last 30 minutes. Jesus is not your boyfriend or lover. It is inappropriate to consider Him in this way.

A third issue is that the statement is a metaphor. It is not a literal statement. The metaphor is meant to teach us the truth about God’s love and commitment to us and our need for holiness and submission and yes, love for Him and a number of other things. But it is not meant to be literalized and physicalized (If that’s not a word, it should be.) This third issue brings a host of problems into play. It should be noted that, as with teachings on Contemplative Prayer, the source of much of this teaching is Roman Catholic mysticism. Teresa of Avila, St. John of the Cross and Madam Guyon, along with many others, have provided the foundation for this thought. This, in and of itself, should be a problem. Why would we go to those whose overall understanding of God is so poor expecting to find truth? Why would we draw from the polluted well of Roman Catholic mysticism hoping to find pure water? I have been told that it is because of their passion and certainly these authors can write passionately about God, but they can and did write just as passionately about the virgin Mary! This indicates to me, that the emphasis of the leaders of this movement is not at all grounded in a desire for truth but merely a desire to feel. And many of the “passionate” statements written by these mystics are squarely unbiblical. Consider the words of Catherine of Sienna who used to pray:

”O divine madman, you are crazed with love and drunk with love for me.”

Surely a less Biblical picture of God could not be painted than that of a crazed madman drunk with love.

This literalizing of the metaphor can be seen in the abundance of overly romantic phrases used to describe God’s love for us and ours for God. We read that God is “lovesick” or ravished for us. These phrases portray a God who simply cannot find true joy apart from us, who will never be satisfied without us. These statements are more appropriate for an adolescent than Almighty God. These phrases portray God looking longingly at the individual Christian and saying, “You…..complete me.” Jesus is finally sent to earth “When He couldn’t take it any longer.” This is a far cry from the God of the Bible who is completely sufficient within Himself and needs nothing. (Ps. 50, Isa 40) The triune God is complete within Himself, lacking nothing including relationship.

Certainly Christ does love us. He loves us with a love that is beyond comprehension in its height, depth, width and breadth (Eph 3:18-19). But He is not romantic about us. He is not attracted to us. He does not get sweaty palms, or stomach flutters. He is not “in-love” with us as we commonly mean that term today. There is a difference.

-end extended quote-

So here we are in 2012. If you are going to understand IHOP, you must understand their signature doctrine - the Bridal Paradigm. I would invite you to spend some time looking at a more comprehensive article, some of which I've incorporated into this post, which will give you a much better understanding of the practices and doctrines of IHOP.

Article: BeyondGrace- A Profane Bride.


  1. Hey, I found your blog while searching for info about the Bethany Deaton case. I think you (and related blogs) might be interested in an insider point of view; I'm a new IHOP intern after having worked for many years and witnessed IHOP's reaction to this tragedy (

    I'm not convinced of the assertion that IHOP practices led to this; that's quite an oversimplification. The fact is, an outside group was drawn to IHOP for reasons not yet known, and committed a tragedy that was against everything that IHOP has ever stood for -- the key argument being that this was an outside group, with intentional plans to subvert IHOP teachings and practices, long before they came to IHOP. To say that IHOP caused this tragedy, as you imply, is simply unsubstantiated. The Bridegroom paradigm never calls for Christians to have Jesus as "our personal boyfriend instead of our Lord" and I dare you to find that in any of IHOP's literature. There's a lot more to be said on the subject, but in either case, IHOP was not prepared for defending their community against cults, as are most churches. One thing to appreciate, is that though the group tried to recruit IHOP members into their community, they failed. Utterly failed. And that's a win in my book to the body of Christ...that though we may disagree theologically on a lot of issues within the body, Christ calls us to unity -- and here, the body of Christ was attacked continually for many years, but justice and goodness ultimately prevailed.

  2. Jerry, I'm not sure how a new intern could claim an "insider" point of view, but thanks for writing.

    I've been involved in related movements as long as Bickle, and I have long been alarmed at the emphasis on sensuality, and have seen bad results elsewhere caused by this.

    I've posted a comment on your brand new blog, and I hope you will take the time to answer that question. I also have emailed Michelle Chamberlain direcly, since she was the editor of the newsletter that "accidently" listed Tyler Deaton as a leader of leaders at IHOPKC.

    1. "Certainly Christ does love us. He loves us with a love that is beyond comprehension in its height, depth, width and breadth (Eph 3:18-19). But He is not romantic about us. He is not attracted to us. He does not get sweaty palms, or stomach flutters. He is not “in-love” with us as we commonly mean that term today. There is a difference."-these are your words William. Here's my question for you. If humanly love can make a person respond this way to another person, then how dare you say that the spiritual love Jesus has for us couldn't do the same... Did Jesus tell you personally that he doesn't get giddy over us and have affections for us that are deeply intimate and rooted in passionate love? I'm not saying anything about sexual attraction here... But the bible talks a lot about us as the bride of Christ and how the relationship and excitement of that relationship is comparable to a wedding... Similar in excitement, passion, love and unity. Jesus Himself said in the book of revelations "the spirit and the bride say 'come' "... As in the Holy Spirit in us and the cry of our hearts partnering with the cry of the Holy Spirit in is are saying "come" as a bride wants Her bridegroom. It's using an earthly analogy to try to explain the passion that burns inside a person who is so in love with God that they can't live without Him and they just have to have him! Is it so wrong to be absolutely sold out and passionately in love with God? You can't out pleasure God William. God is the one who gave you the ability to have pleasure in the first place. He is te one who created your mind to have that deep burning love for intimacy with the oppisite sex... It was his idea! So you mean to say that the affections of intimacy with a man and a women can't be felt with you and your creator God? The same pleasures of being in love with a woman can't be felt in your relationship with Jesus? Trust me, if there isn't an intimate stirring in your heart and burning within you to have a deeper intimate love relationship with God where some of the same burnings you feel in a relationship with a person are felt, then you'll never go deep into the things of God. It takes the burning love of God and a lovesick heart that absolutely needs more of Him to go deep into the longings of his heart. When your lovesick, you cry out in a way you never would if you weren't. That's why Jesus warned us in Revelations to the church at Ephesis this:"I see your works, and your good deeds and I am thankful for your labor however this one thing I have against you, you have lost your first love (talking about Jesus) therefore repent and go back to the things you were doing before or I will remove my lamp stand from among you." Now I don't know what it exactly means to have Jesus' lamp stand removed from among you, but it's not good. And this just shows how you can do all these good Christian things that are noble and great but that they mean absolutely nothing if we loose site of intimacy with Jesus. If our love grows cold and we stop having a "First Love" mentality and attitude with The Lord Jesus. Did you read that? Straight from Jesus Himself.. Jesus said in this verse that "I want you to love me like I'm your first love"... That's the passionate love Jesus wants us to have with him! Now just because you fail to understand that burning love for Jesus experientially, doesn't mean that it isn't true or real. I've been in seasons where the only way to describe the way I felt in worship was that I was lovesick for him. That lovesick feeling was pressed on my heart as I went deeper into the Spirit in prayer. Guess who was doing the pressing? God! God was making my heart burn for love with Jesus like never before! Let your eyes be opened to this amazing love Jesus has for you.

  3. Hey William, thanks for the reply. Yeah perhaps to say that I'm an "insider" is not exactly the most correct of terms, but I'm in the midst of it, and can provide information on what's being said around here.

    I can appreciate your point of view on the sensuality issue (it was my point of view not too long ago), but I've come to be less cynical about it. We may not come into agreement, but that's fine -- I believe you are sincerely after the truth and are walking with God. Let me know what Michelle says -- I'd like to hear from her directly.

  4. Look up IHOP and Mike Bickle in google you'll find all kinds of cult like stories and stuff. Don't be surprised if Tyler Deaton explains the source of this sexual deviancy is due to Bickle's strange Bridegroom of Jesus misinterpretation of the Song of Solomon! Look that up too... It's bizzare! Sexualize Jesus... Christians have Jesus living in them... Have sex with other Christians (male OR female)... = having sex with Jesus!!!!

    1. Creflo Dollar believes this...Having sex with Jesus

  5. 3Well,Bill,from what you said in your comments in your first article on this subject, it sounds like the "accidentally" claim is perhaps going down the tubes fast.

  6. Where is your outrage about these? Why do you attack one portion of the church while silently accepting another part of the church? I know you will moderate this out, but read them first and ask yourself honest questions.

    Where is your outrage about all of the above?

  7. This blog is focused on the third wave, latter Rain, MSOG prophetic church - the New Apostolic Reformation. I cannot do a credible job reporting on organizations that I know nothing about; I have 1000+ hours under the belt studying IHOP. And I must do a credible job; this is not a hobby. Perhaps you shoud start your own blog.

  8. IHOP has released their statement on Tyler Deaton.

    Bene D

  9. For some reason my phone wont let me paste the lyrics here, but the song "I will waste my life" by Misty Edwards is basically a love song, but it aint no love song towards a Holy God. She sings "I am in love with you, there is no cost. I am in love with you, I wanna take your name..." look it up. It sounds like she is love sick for a lover not for Jesus.

    1. Who's idea was it to have sex? Mans or Gods? I mean just because the world has stained what God intended to be beautiful, doesn't mean that it's a bad thing. Even the Apostle Paul said about marriage in the book of Ephesians, "And the the two shall become one flesh (talking about the unity of a man and women) and this is a mystery, but I speak concerning Christ and the Church!" -this is straight from the bible! Paul is saying that the unity of a man and women is like the unity Jesus has with his church! It's so intimate that the best physical representation to describe the deep intimate love that Jesus has fr His church is sexual unity! Now it is not saying anything about sexual relation with The Lord Jesus, but rather it's describing the intimacy of a God who madly loves His Children and a lord who passionately persues after His church. William, instead of studying IHOP for 1000s of hours, trying to spy out the freedom they have, I challenge you to lay on the floor for one hour with no books and no pre-conceived notions about what to expect and study The Lord with your eyes closed. Ask Him canto reveal Himself to you. I was against miracles and holy laughter and all the gifts of the spirit because I didn't understand because it hadn't happened to me. But I went to IHOP in 2010 and my life was changed forever. I had an encounter with God and I felt his power like they did in acts 2 and I heard God speak to me for the first time on my life, and I've never been the same since. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you wins elf and just wait in the silence for him to show up... If you do this with a willing heart and faith in God, he will encounter you in a powerful way!

  10. William Fawcett,

    Annunk here... iPad won't allow me to logon to my Wordpress acct...

    LET EVERYONE KNOW if and when you ever get a reply to Tyler Deaton's name "accidentally" being posted by IHOP as one of thir leaders.

    I know a person who loves Bickle and Hood and who teaches at IHOP once a week. Fill me in please: What's the falsity about Joseph Co. I need to be able to debate very, very well if the topic ever arises.

    Thanks - Annunk

  11. Annunk, I have posted 8 articles on the Joesph Company on my IHOP index page- at the bottom.

  12. Thomas Watkins:

    So much of IHOP is dedicated to performance; IE, living the sacrificial life as the holy life; it is a modern prayer, mystical monestary. This has produced a compartmental mentality, and a separate desire to pursue the mystical experience, as Ihop has taught, promoting transcendentalism as practice. This is the evil stepchild of Universal Rome and must fall in the lap of Mike Bickle who teaches these heresies as Orthodoxy.

    Tyler Deaton and others capitalized upon this cultic separation and justified their own perversions in that they were seeking there very own Mystic experience, which Ihop teaches and promotes, and obviously went off the deep end in this sordid, murderous affair.

    Why wasn't this Discerned by all around them, and where was the Godly Pastoring for them? Because Evil hides in Performance as holiness, as it ALWAYS has, and THAT IS the standard.

    I have travelled there for 20 plus years, and have lived there, and have seen the deterioration 1st hand...where homosexuals live in "Christian" group homes along with imp possessed "prophets"; WITH NO DISCERNMENT! from any leader. Congratulations Ihop. By forsaking the simple Gospel for your Mystical Monasticism, you wreak havic and confusion, and worse.

    Transcendental Meditation, which as Guyon describes as "finding the God who was ALWAYS there", it is at the heart of the Babylonian Worship System, which the RCC cultured through her Monastic System: It is a form of witchcraft. None who practice this ancient craft of the Mystics are born again by the Holy Spirit, but seared into a demonic counterpart.

    Mike Bickle began his slide into heresy by promoting these Radical Mystics that you wrote of as THE WAY TO A DEEPER LIFE WITH GOD! and his bookstore is filled with their pulp.

    Mike Bickle had a video up for a long while, that taught it's methodology.....looking into the void in silence....focusing until enlightenment comes, chanting verses, and yes; beads; and Nirvana does come. It is excessively sensual, and bound to the Cosmos where it's true masters dwell; the Devil and his angels.

    When imparted, as in Toronto and the Todd Bentley fiasco, it can be wildly exciting, and tintilating; yes, even sexual. The "Kundalini" is the Hindi word, where the snake dwells down near your base spine. You can see it in action on a thousand videos with Todd, Rick Joyner etc.

    I know Mike Bickle, to a degree, and can genuinely say that I care for him in Jesus, but by allowing and teaching these heresies he has wounded the Body of Christ, and possibly derailed the faith of thousands, if not tens of thousands; He has become a wolf.

    The question is wether he will repent, and come clean of these obscene monastic Babylonian doctrines that murder? or double down and teach on heresies and those bad cults all around him. It appears that he is doing the latter. He and his are forerunners after all. It is a shame and a mark on the Body. Pray for all of those who knew and loved this poor girl who paid such a price for her trust in a "Godly" husband and her "prayer group".

    1. This insight is so entirely accurate. I hope to someday have time to illustrate the many points you quickly hit on here.

      "Evil hides in Performance as holiness..." Exactly.
      "By forsaking the simple Gospel for your Mystical Monasticism, you wreak havic and confusion, and worse." Exactly.
      "...evil stepchild of Universal Rome..." Most people are not historically well-versed enough to know what this means, but it is spot-on accurate.
      "I know Mike Bickle, to a degree, and can genuinely say that I care for him in Jesus, but by allowing and teaching these heresies he has wounded the Body of Christ, and possibly derailed the faith of thousands, if not tens of thousands; He has become a wolf." Painfully, painfully true.

  13. So I just do want to say something about one of the songs you referenced: "How He Loves." It was actually written by John Mark McMillian and sloppy wet kiss was in reference to his dog greeting him with a "sloppy wet kiss" and the feeling of such. David Crowder actually covered it and changed it to "unforeseen kiss." But either way that was in no means meant to be sexualized. I just wanted to clarify that because I don't want people feeling iffy about that song by whom the man you referenced did not actually write.

    1. Oh great.. equating the incarnation of Jesus to a sloppy wet kiss from a dog is, well, heretical. And I have 5 dogs, and I get plenty of sloppy wet kisses, yet they do not compare to Jesus. Sorry; that's just lame.

      I question the reliability of your information. Regardless of the inspiration (which would be far more palatable if he were frenching his wife rather than his dog), the authoris intended meaning was not puppy love.

      Says McMillain:

      "I think the fact that a line like “Sloppy wet kiss” could be controversial is ridiculous. Are we in kindergarten? Has any one out there not had or at least expected to some day, engage in a sloppy wet kiss? Have Christians decided to stop procreating and let Islamic extremists populate the whole earth?"

      Unless he is suggesting procreating with dogs, he was talking about something that is sexualized. Are you in kindergarden?

    2. As a worship leader who's had many conversations about those lyrics, I'd like to point out 2 things.

      First, McMillan wrote the song in the midst of mourning after his best friend was killed in a car accident. It was personal, & I recall him saying he had no intention of it becoming a "worship song".

      Second, here's more of his thoughts on those words:

      "Still many of the people, on both ends, who seem to be making a big deal out of it, have both seemed to misunderstand the lyric. It seems that people either hate it or love it because they think I’m some how talking about kissing God. Please folks, I never ever, ever, ever, thought of this line as though it was talking about kissing God. Please read the words.

      “HEAVEN meets EARTH like a sloppy wet kiss”

      The idea behind the lyric is that the kingdom of heaven and the kingdom of earth converge in a way that is both beautiful and awkwardly messy."

      Hope this provides some context. If you'd like to do a credible job, it's always good to dig in as far as you can (like finding out who wrote something & why, especially when there's amply evidence of both) before you slam something.

      All that to say, I agree with most of the article. - Ted

    3. Actually, I'm a little more bothered that you took & emphasized that quote out of context than by your lack of research. I understand you feel passionate enough about this to question the reliability of other ppl's info without looking into it for real, but to make accusations that disregard the truth behind something to the degradation of another's reputation is not cool. - Ted

    4. Thanks for your second hand observations. I'd rather take McMillian speak for himeself.

      "Has any one out there not had or at least expected to some day, engage in a sloppy wet kiss? Have Christians decided to stop procreating and let Islamic extremists populate the whole earth?"

      Anyhow, it's a distraction. There is enough Jesus-is-my-boyfriend music out there to say that it is both a theme of CCM and a problem.

  14. "the spirit and the bride say come."
    i cannot help but to picture John the apostle that Jesus loved, leaning, or should i say lying upon his bosom, while they reclined. lets just picture this, one man laying upon another mans chest,in love. i wonder how many of you self righteous finger pointers here, if presented with this picture in real life would turn away disgusted as did the pharisee's.
    i dont see how it is possible to love God to much, pure and simple, and if your love of God causes you to focus more on those you feel are disrespecting him, then i pity you, martha. personally i choose the better part, to sit at his feet and waste myself upon him. maybe just maybe thats why God moved me to IHOP last summer to begin my deliverance and healing, and he miraculously healed me from a childhood injury in my spine, in the IHOP prayer room one friday night while misty edwards debased herself to him, and i also vomited up 2 giant egg whites (spirits) out of my left lung one sunday at the end of a 7 day fast, while at IHOP, before he sent me to europe to learn about real deliverance from an african minister in brussels, belgium. so in one year i have seen 12 states, 8 countries, and 3 continents, even spending the feast of tabernacles in jerusalem. here is a thought, when did satan begin casting himself out? so unlike you i realize that God does not need me to defend him, so i leave you with a couple scripture to ponder, and my testimony. fruits...
    Proverbs 30:10
    Accuse not a servant unto his master, lest he curse thee, and thou be found guilty.
    Luke 9:
    50 And Jesus said unto him, Forbid him not: for he that is not against us is for us.
    Matthew 23:13
    But woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men: for ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in.
    just quoting some random scriptures, like you do....

    i have now experienced 15 miracles in my life at the hands of God, using the faith healers you attempt to discredit.

  15. Dude... Intimacy is KEY to holiness. The cause is very VERY simple. If there is a group of people with a hunger for Jesus praying 24/7 satin is bound to assault it. Your mind is so in the natural. "Sleep depravation, malnutrition, repetition in music, oh come on man. Lets talk about holiness. You see and speak solely from a carnal perspective. God created us to commune with Him. How many hours did you spend with your friends today? And how many hours did you spend communing with the God that created you? These are a group of young people EAGER to bask in His presence. Have some honor.

    Radical action is ALWAYS met with radical opposition.

  16. And how many hours did you spend communing with the God that created you?

    Actually ..."pray without ceasing"... and I believe that can be done all day long without having to be in some room with my head planted to the floor. It can be done in our waking and in our sleeping.


  17. This is such an excellent post and resource. Thank you for your careful study and attention, to serve the body of Christ. I referenced this post on my blog comments here:

    Thank you again.

  18. It is a root of crimes in this world. Hope we could lessen sensuality and focus on the progressive things.

  19. IHOP = CULT = DEATH. Clear?

    Sandra, Canada


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